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Monday, September 22, 2008

Dude, You Got To Update

It seems that if you do not update your blog, people stop looking at it. So, here is the update. Fall is here. The Indian paintbrush and green gentian have come and gone. There is snow on the mountains today. Things are slowing down a little. There are fewer bikes in the shop. I have begun training for the upcoming cyclocross season; the first race is October 4th. I will be doing the singlespeed class once again. Imagine that?

I plan on being a little smaller next year, and working fewer hours.
I will be working for Patty in Montana taking and analyzing pictures of animals moving under U.S. 93. So, shop hours will be reduced. How does Wednesday through Friday sound? I want to do more singlespeed bikes. What do you think about Pake and Soma? I may also do some Voodoo. Of course, I plan on having lots of Redlines as usual.

More later. I promise.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Monthly Update

Yes, I am alive. August was busy like the last four months. I have been doing a little riding. Two Sudays ago Greg (my new neighbor and customer) and I went up Spring Hollow, the North Sincline Trail, and down Dry Canyon. It was a perfect 5 hour ride. Here are the pictures from the top of the Sincline Trail with Logon in the background. Steep!

There is plenty of other news: a new neice, a new car, and lots of new work in Montana. More later.

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