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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I rode in the sun
With arms and legs exposed
Last time, November

I heard meadowlarks
On Logan-Smithfield canal
Muddy, rutted, rough

Horses make quagmire
In the original sense
An over used word

The Sun Is Out

I'm planning on a fixed gear cyclocross ride today.  The Logan-Smithfield canal may even be dry.  I did not ride yesterday; we woke up at 4am and drove to Henefer to see two dozen sage grouse on their lek.

Tuesday I was not feeling it so I cut my ride short.  My hip and back are still causing problems.  I'm getting excited about ID to AZ; yesterday I bought this nice atlas.  The route is coming together.

Monday, March 28, 2011

I Was Going To Keep It Secret...

...but there is no such thing.  It's already out there.  Here is a video.

Like A Dream

We are back home in Loganistan, where it is snowing.  We only did a little ride yesterday, a short section of locals only trail that will remain unnamed.  Again, no pictures, so I'm sorry about that.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I had two fantastic rides yesterday.  I did Amasa Back-Rockstacker-Jackson in the morning then Slickrock in the evening.  I've always been told by everyone I've ever talked to that you just don't want to do either of those trails on a singlespeed and especially on a fixed gear.  Well, they were all quite wrong.  Slickrock on the fixed gear was the most challenging, fun, and even spiritual trail I've ever done.  Waves of rain and sleet were moving in from the southwest.  At the highest point there was even a clap of thunder, on the way down a fantastic rainbow complete with a pot of gold.  It's hard to believe I've lived in Utah for more than five years and waited this long to ride these trails.  Sorry, no pictures.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm Going To Moab Today

Because the forcast here in Loganistan is not so good.  It should be at least 20 degrees warmer in Moab with less chance of rain and no snow.  Can you ride the Slickrock trail in the rain fixed gear?  I may find out.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I can't remember
Seeing such a bright clear day
And the sky so blue

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I did another Tuesday Night Ride with the Hyde Park group.  We did a two-laps-around-Benson fun race.  I sucked wheel and sneaked out a win.  Then we rode all the way up to Trenton and back through Amalga, where my thighs started screaming, "no mas."  I limped all the way back to Logan.  Two and one-half hour road rides are a lot longer than a cyclocross race.  Quote of the day:  "If you mash real hard in the beginning you will not be able to spin at the end."

Monday, March 21, 2011


Yesterday at the ski hill I tried out a pair of snowboard boots (after 30 miles and 2,800 feet of elevation gain on the bicycle ride up).  Upon returning the boots to the rental/pro shop, Patty wanted me to buy a pair of goggles for $17 and the "dudes" helping me wanted me to buy the boots for $130.  That was strange because when I first asked about boots they said they were 32.  My first thought was that they were jacking up the price nearly $100.  Even though I had just suffered a concussion from slamming the back of my head into the snow, I said no.  That's it.  No more snowboarding.  No more tweaked lower back.  No more double cartwheels down the mountain.  I have spent a lifetime riding bicycles much faster than I ever should have, but I've never hit the ground so hard as I have snowboarding.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Snow Is Gone, 2011

Yes, I'm still observing and recording the natural world.  The snow melted in front of the old shop last week.  I've been recording the date for the past four years.  Here is the list:

March 24, 2008
March 22, 2009
March 19, 2010
March 17, 2011

I see a trend.  And, there was 50% more snow this year than last year.

One More Video From A Proud Parent

I'm Pedaling To The Ski Slope Today...

...The family wants to go skiing.  I just have to go for a ride.  So, I'll pedal up the big hill.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Celtic Night

Lupine performed in Celtic Night this weekend.  Patty was told by the theater security staff not to take pictures or videos.  We are so pround of her.  Here is a video.

Robert Rides: Idaho To Arizona (Preston to Page) Updated 8-9-11

Update, August 24:  There is a small opening in life's window for an August 30th departure.  I'll have to make Arizona by Sunday September 4th.  That's 600+ miles in only 6 days.  Fast and light.  Fast and light.

Somehow, I'm not really sure, I received a free subscription to Outside Magazine.  In the April issue there is an article about the "Adventures of the Year," incredible stories about incredible athletes doing some amazing things.  For example:  Jessica Watson, 17, sailed solo around the world.  Alexander Martin canoed west to east from Portland to Portland.  Andrew Skurka circumnavigated Alaska for 176 days.  Ed Stafford walked the entire descent of the Amazon River, and it took him only 860 days.  These adventures were huge.  They were all expensive, and they all required a huge amount of carbon-fueled travel and logistics to make them happen.  Some of them supported good causes.  All of them were selfish.

I'm planning an adventure of my own. I have always wanted to do the Tour Divide from Canada to Mexico.  That just can't happen.  It would take too much time away from family and too much money.  It's too selfish.  Maybe when I'm 55 I will give it a go, in the summer of 2020.  Yeah, that's a ways off.  So, this June (update:  because of heavy snowpack at high elevations, it may be September), I'm going to pedal from Idaho to Arizona, Preston to Page, the hard way.  I will leave from my door here in Logan.  I will avoid paved roads as much as possible.  It will be about 700 miles and 70,000 feet of climbing along the north-south spine of mountains.  It should take about 10 days.

Yes, it's selfish.  Yes, it will support a good cause.  I will collect donations and the proceeds will be sent to the League of American Bicyclists.  Do you want me to define proceeds?  I'm going to keep enough to cover my expenses, probably about $500, and the rest will go to support bicycle advocacy.  My purpose is to demonstrate the utility of the bicycle for transportation.  Yes, there is a catch.  If I can pedal 700 miles fixed gear off-road in the mountains in 10 days, I know anyone reading this can ride a bicycle to work or the store.  So, for every dollar you donate, you must make a trip by bicycle that you would normally make in your car.  A ten dollar donation would mean 10 bicycle trips to work.  Too unsure about riding your bicycle?  Don't feel comfortable on the road with cars?  Then, instead of bicycle trips you can take one of these classes.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lupine's Report Card

The Pineapple Express

Looks like I'll be riding in the rain and snow all week long.  I want to get off the Pineapple Express.  I've had enough.

Logan Tuesday Night Ride

I did the TNR yesterday with Paul V. and Tim S. and many others, all the way up to the Long Divide Road near Clarkston.  Yes, I had gears and skinny tires.  Weird, huh?  Actually it felt pretty normal, just like old times.  I expected to get dropped because I have not gone hard on the bike at all since December.  I held my own.  I even closed a few big gaps when no one else would or could.  My threshold is much lower than it was in December, but it felt good to feel a little discomfort in the lungs and thighs.  Actually, after 45 miles of high intensity riding, my thighs are killing me.  I don't even notice my back pain.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yesterday's Route

Patty and I pedaled together yesterday and had a great spin through the valley, about 30 miles.  I rode the fixed gear cyclocross bike.  She says we rode fast.  We took the opportunity to change out a tube on Patty's bike half-way through the ride.  She had been saying the f word, so I knew it was coming.  She has little respect for old traditions.  The next time she says it, I'll make her stop and sacrifice her spare tube to the f gods.  The valley was waterlogged.  The abundant snow has mostly melted away.  On the way in from Mendon, the red-winged blackbirds declared that Spring had arrived.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I rode to the snow up Smithfield Canyon today, and back home along the bench, about 2 hours.  And there is really a lot of snow, 160% of normal.  I have lost much of my fitness.  The only place to find it is in the saddle.  My brief affair with the snowboard is over.  I'm only going to pedal from now on.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dude!  I went snowboarding yesterday.  And I'm going again today, too.  Face-plants, cart-wheels, and pain, oh my.  Bike ride, you ask?  It should be above 50 tomorrow.  I'm planning a long dirt (mud) road fixed gear cyclocross ride.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Snow

I think I may take up snowboarding.  Dude.  We have another fresh dump on the ground this morning, at least a half-foot.  I may just give up bicycling all together.  I remember the day in the winter of 1991, my training partner Dave Parker asked "Why do we do this?  We could just buy a cheap pair of running shoes.  You put them on and go.  No expensive parts and constant dicking around."  I think we were in the middle of winter bicycle maintenance because it had been cold and wet, and all of our recent rides had involved booties and gloves.  If I'd only known then I would someday be living in the Intermountain West, where warm weather riding begins in late May.  What would Dave have thought if he could have seen my future, full of winter gloves, thick neoprene socks, shoes one size too big to fit the thick neoprene socks, polypro tights and shirts, balaclavas (none for me thanks, I'm allergic to nuts), wool socks, wool shirts, polypro socks, chemical hand and toe warmers, and two or three different jackets for every condition of cold?

Well.  I could just get rid of all that stuff.  Just like the basketball shoes.  But, the sun is out.  I could go for a cold-wet ride.  With my booties on.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Blue Sky

The clouds have moved out for a bit, so I am going to come out of my funk.  I'm going to do the dishes, go for a ride, do Fun-Friday with Lupine's class, analyze Montana data, and finish some repair work in the garage/shop.  Really.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Dr. J.B. hooked me up with a physical therapist today.  Thank you, John.  My hips are tight.  I'm going to get all better really fast.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Back

It hurts.  Last week before I went to Montana, I took my basketball shoes to Sombody's Attic.  But, I don't want to talk about it.

Today's Ride

I don't want to talk about it.

I'm Back In Utah

I don't want to talk about it.

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