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Monday, April 30, 2012

Bear Lake Monster Cyclocross Races, Half Off

I just signed up for what will be my first four cyclocross races of the 2012 season.  The Bear Lake Cyclocross Weekend will be September 21-23, 2012.  Use the discount code "halfcross" when you register for all four races and get over $50 off.  Where can you go do four races, one of them 80 miles and supported, for only $52.50.  Did I say it was Bear Lake?  Beautiful.  And, it will be hot and dry.  No high side passes in the snow.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Up And Down

I'm working up in Montana for most of this week.  I will try to be in the shop on Friday and Saturday.

Patty scanned the old picture at the top of the blog.  It's strange to see the old front yard used bicycle business.  Lupine was so little.  I was so young.

I had a great ride on Monday.  I went from Tendoy, ID to the top of Lemhi Pass.  It was so steep I had to walk most of the last mile.  On the way down, I melted the tubular glue on the front wheel and ripped out the valve stem.  When it cooled down, I had to rip it off.  The tire, not just my thumbs.  When I finally got another tubular on the rim, a huge thunder storm rolled over the mountain.  I survived the slow journey down with a front tire that had no glue, so there was no serious cornering and no front braking.  I just drug my feet most of the way.  My short 3 hour ride turned into a long and cold 5 hour ride, 2400 feet up in 12 miles.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

One's Got Gears, One Doesn't

It's finally happened.  A Pake C'Mute has rolled into the sunset away from Robert Hamlin Bicycles equipped with front and rear derailleurs.  And a pink cooler.  Cool.  Enjoy your do-it-all comfort cross, Wendi.

Here is a close up.  These city bars and stems from Origin-8 are hot sellers.

Gears.  Again, I really like the Origin-8 parts.   The tires, crankset, brakes and levers, seatpost, saddle, stem, bars, and headset are exactly what you want in bicycle parts.  They are well made, light, and cost less than other brands.  The derailleurs are super inexpensive Shimano Tourney, but they work well and will last.

A few days ago I showed my current ride with road tires and a flat bar.  I could not stand it any longer.  And, I had a crankset failure on my race bike.  But that's another story, one about carbon fiber bicycle parts.  Stay tuned.  My Pake C'Mute is now set up as a full-on flared drop bar single speed/fixed gear cyclocross bike with a flip flop 22 fixed/16 freewheel set up.  Now I can ride fast to the trail head and go up fast like a mountain bike with the flip of a wheel.  I just have to file off the Redline red from the forks.  Sandpaper.  It's carbon, so it will be fine.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Many Faces Of The Pake C'Mute

Here is one built up for my use, a fixed gear, Mary Bar, worn out saddle, road tire, super fast beater.

Here are the first pictures of Jules' new ride, a singlespeed, heavy, slow, cargo and dog hauling, go to school, do it all commuter.

Monday, April 16, 2012

I See Utah

Here is the view from the top of the Dirty Head Road looking south into Utah.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Easier's Not Better

I rode a big dirt loop around the "Washboards" yesterday starting and ending in Clarkston, Utah.  The route crosses into Idaho, up to the edge of Weston, up the bottom of Black Canyon and back to Clarkston via the Dirty Head Road.  The ride to Weston went fine.  Then I got lost, even though I had a map.  After two miles or more pedaling up Black Canyon, I saw two pick-up trucks at the end of a driveway.  I rolled up between them and asked, "Where's the four-wheeler road that leads back to Clarkston, I think I must have passed it?"  One Mormon pioneer-stock cowboy said there was no such road.  The other said, "No, it's about a mile or more back down this road after the straight-away.  Someone came down it this morning, you can see the mud and their tracks.  That road is all greasy, you'll never get up it on a bicycle."  He said the word bicycle with the stress and emphasis on the first syllable, like some folks say the word bisexual.  I held my tongue.  I let a smile slowly form on my face, and then allowed it to turn into a big grin.  I do love a challenge.  I know greasy.  Greasy is when so much silt and clay stick to your tires that they no longer turn.  Yesterday's greasy was easy.  In the picture below, the Washboards is the long spine of low mountains between Bergeson Hill and the big mountains to the west.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Today's Ride

I pedaled up to Franklin, Idaho and back today, via Cove, both ways.  It was only 47 miles in two and one-half hours, but my legs sure do hurt.  That's what happens when you only ride once a week or less.  I want that to change.  And it will.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


John from Jackson took home a Redline Monocog 29er today.  Both of the small Torker KB2 bicycles (kick back 2 speed coaster brake bar spin fun commuters) are gone.  At $300, the 2011 KB2 is a steel steal.  I will try to get some more of them.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Like The Cool Dudes In Portland

I've always wanted to post a picture of my bicycles being delivered to FedEx by bicycle.  I wonder, how long it would take if I pedaled both boxes to Florida?

Jason's Frame Prep

I know.  I've posted frame prep pictures before, but these are more dramatic.  And, Jason's new Soma Juice 29er frame is Candy Apple Green.  Seriously, these pictures show just how much paint there is on the end of a head tube, and just how out-of-round a head tube can get after it's welded.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

LUBE (Logan Used Bicycle Exchange)

Even though my shop has been closed for the last two years, every other customer who walks into Robert Hamlin Bicycles asks about used bikes.  I tell them that the city would require me to have a pawn shop business license in order to sell and buy used bicycles.  I tell them I don't want to own a pawn shop, that I'm Robert Hamlin Bicycles now, not Recycled Bicycles, as I point to all the shiny new frames hanging on the wall.

Here is my solution, a list of used bicycles my customers are trying to sell.  I'll try to include a picture, a description for each bicycle, and give an estimated value based on my experience.  Folks can list for free, just come see me, call me, or send me an email.  I would like a small commission after the sale, all based on the honor system.  The bottom line is this, I want to help people buy and sell used bicycles, but I'm not going to hold the bicycles or the money this time around:

Litespeed Blue Ridge titanium touring/cx frame, hand built and signed by David Lynskey himself, 52cm seat tube, 52cm top tube, with Kineses aluminum fork, headset, post, rack, and Deore XT canti brakes.  As a complete Ultegra bike it sold new for $2300 back in the day (late 90s?).  A new ti frame like this from Lynskey would cost you more than $2300 today, just for the frame.  Call John at 435-750-5889.

Fuji Nevada 4.0, 13 inch, 2009, like new, hardly ridden, a demo bike really, retailed for nearly $500, now only $250.  Call Dr. John, 435-770-6313.

Trek 850, 13 inch, really old, needs a go over, $100.  Call Dr. John, 435-770-6313.


I received the following email, so if anyone wants a really cheap singlespeed, let Sunny know.  You might have to order an entire shipping container, but here you go:

Dear Sir or Madam

Enjoy a wanderful day.  I am Sunny Lee, from Jinli Bicycles.  Our company is specialized in developing,producting and exporting bicycle parts ,children's cycles and bike pump, including "King Bird" stroller, bicycle saddles, pedals, crank sprocket, baskets,bicycle inner wire, wheel&rim, mini bearings ,bike pump etc .  I sincerely hope that you can reply me and let me know your needed goods.
Best regards
Sunny Lee
International Sales Department

Monday, April 2, 2012


Huracan 300
I followed my friend Chad Parker's blue dot on the internet this weekend.  He did 300 unsupported solo miles in the north Florida sand in only 38 hours.  Nice ride, Chad, you are a bad ass.  I would love to do this race next year.

I rode for an entire 90 minutes on Saturday.  The River Trail is dry, even the high side, but there is still snow in Spring Hollow proper.  It was nice riding in shorts, t-shirt, and sandals on the fixed gear cyclocross bike, my new modus operandi.  I may never ride the 29er again.  I still plan on doing Idaho to Arizona.  Yeah, I know, I was going to do it last year, but I never did.  It will happen this year.  I hope.  The sun is out today but the air is cold.  So, I may pedal a little this afternoon.

I will be in the shop this week, Wednesday through Saturday.  My hours remain amorphous and dynamic.  At some point, I may put up an open sign, but I doubt I will ever post hours.

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