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Friday, November 13, 2015

Falling Down And Getting Back Up

I really am just about done with Facebook and Strava. I have more to say, and less desire for "friends" to see what I write. Unless they really want to see. Or read. If so, they can find it here. The blog has always been a diary, steeped and infused with my efforts on a bicycle. So, once again, I promise myself to try and post on a regular basis. Easier said than done.

Last week Lupine and I did not train much, still worn out from three races the week before. We ran stairs, did a few short intervals, and not much else. Last Saturday I started well by taking the path less traveled. The outside-outside line into first corner allowed me to move from the third row up into fifth place. For one lap. As I started to fade back to my normal 12th place, I tried to up my pace going into a chicane. I went down, lost another four spots, broke a brake lever, lost all my confidence in my over-inflated tires, and quickly went to the back. DFL probably. So I did the thing I hardly ever do. I quit. It has taken a week to get over it. I trained very little this week too, but tomorrow is another day. My plan for tomorrow is to have fun with an old friend. I will not quit this time. Probably.

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