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Friday, December 19, 2008


The question we all want answered: Who is Doctor Catfish????? This is what I get when I ask for "followers". What would I get if I asked for disciples?

By the way, has anyone checked out Kim's blogs? Thanks, Kim and everyone else, for following. The rest of the followers are all folks I know, even the Biking Brits.

OK, no more posting, I have to pack the car. Really.

Welcome To Redundancy Theater, Again

All the new news is old news, so just go back almost exactly one year and read this.

Not enough? Here just go back and read this. It is really uncanny. Last night I worked on Destry's bike, the last repair of 07 and 08. Still not enough? Go to the archives and click on December 2007. Good. I will post from the road. We should be near Santa Fe by Saturday night.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Need A Bike Ride

Anyone want to join me? We only got a half-foot of snow today. How does this look, a nice ride up Logan Canyon? The high for tomorrow is 15.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

A Map?

Here is an attempt at a map to go with this morning's narrative. I hope. I have a lot to learn about google maps and google earth.

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I Ain't Got No Stinkin' Followers

I added a "Followers" gadget to the blog today (left side bar near the bottom). As expected, I have no followers. Who will be first to sign up????

Long Rides, Short Days, Last Day

Last Wednesday I did a long ride. I was feeling a little down and just needed to suffer. I pedalled to Hollow Road, up Blacksmith Canyon, Left Fork, and Herd Hollow. There were no herds, just a flock of turkeys, some deer tracks, me, and the cross bike (the Forest Service Roads are officially closed, this ride was unofficial). The snow began to fall as I started to climb. I had no legs, but I just kept pedaling. Like I said, I wanted to suffer. I kept thinking how bad it could get if I had any problems (a 10 mile walk out). Was I under dressed and overconfident? Long before I got to the saddle at the top of Herd and Cowley Canyon the snow covered all the rocks in the road (Herd is quite rocky so I'm thinking at least 4 or 5 inches of snow). At the top, my hands and feet were numb. I ate a goo, put on my jacket and balaclava, and headed down. When I got to Right Fork and Logan Canyon, there was no snow and air was much warmer. In the summer I can do this ride in well under four hours. Last Wednesday it took four and one-half hours. I was happy to be home. Hot water on my numb feet never felt better.

Long shadows at noon
Climbing the snow covered road
Where Left and Right meet

Recycled & New Bicycles' last shop day of 2008 will be Tuesday, December 16. The Shop Christmas party has been canceled because of the recession. If I sell a few bikes this week, and a few kind folks pay their bills, I may reconsider, and we will party on Saturday the 13th. What the hell, if you are reading this, come by on Saturday and I will have coffee and snacks.

We (four bicycles, three silly humans, two black cats, and one good dog, go ahead and sing, you know the melody) will pile into the car and head for Florida on December 19. Recycled & New Bicycles will re-open some time in February.

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