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Saturday, September 2, 2017

A Rant May Just Make Me Fill Better. Maybe.

The power meter has killed the joy of riding a bicycle. People looking at their power meters feel nothing.

Disc brakes on a road bike or a cross bike are stupid. Cross bikes with 70mm of bottom bracket drop and thru axles are even more stupid. Or, is that more stupider. The song of my people is not the whine of a disc pad hanging on a rotor during efforts, dismounts, or in sand or mud. The song of my people is the melody of a properly adjusted v-brake on a rim, singing only when the lever is squeezed.

Do I feel better? Nope.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I Know Why

I know why 40+ Masters racers cheat. Nice work Kayle. It is because they feel old. I feel old. I am not in race shape, but I'm not out of shape either. The problem is that at 52 it is really hard to maintain my current fitness level. It feels almost impossible to get back to race shape, even while training hard and eating healthy. I was fast in 2011. Since then it's been a downward trajectory, and I know there is no going back. That's why old guys cheat.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


It has only been seven months since my last post. Cyclocross season came and went. My successes were few, but in general I rode better in 2016 than I did in 2015. By the end of the season I was almost getting back into race shape, rolling head to head with teammate Rich Caramadre, at least for a few laps.

We spent the winter in Florida, and are still here now in late spring. For Florida, it is almost early summer. I can't blame the perfect weather for my lack of miles this year, but things are starting to turn around. I rode well over 100 miles this past week. Yesterday I rode 53 miles cyclocross fixed gear from Espanola back to the shanty. I have always wanted to ride the Old Brick Road, a 10-mile section of the original Dixie Highway, that was built in 1915. After about five miles it turned mostly to sand with a few bricks still visible now and again. I hit another mile or so of brick roads in East Palatka, then rode the Palatka-Lake Butler State Trail on the way home.

There will be more rides to come before we head back to Utah, so I will do my best to post more ride pictures.

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