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Thursday, July 19, 2012

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

At Long Last, A Post

I've been busy.  Too busy.  Montana, Florida, and points in between.  I really can't remember it all and the rides I've done.  Here is an attempt, working backwards in my mind:
  • Four hours at San Felasco with  Peter and Chad
  • Last Thursday with the Gainesville crew, on the new Weasel Way
  • Etoniah State Forest where I saw a huge bear up close and personal
  • A 60 mile 97 degree fixed gear flap from Jax to the lake house
  • A downtown Jax ride over the no costa to Cassatt Ave. and back to Sans Souci with a stop in Avondale for a Jamison shot with Chad P.
  • A Thursday ride in Gainesville
  • A ride in Montana
  • A ride in Idaho
  • That's it.  I can't remember any others, but there were quite a few in Utah since the previous post.
I'm back at work today in the shop.  I may ride tonight with the Hyde Park geezers.

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