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Friday, November 30, 2012

Catch Up

Where has November gone?  It's almost December, so I better update this blog.  It's a quite morning.  Lupine is at school and Patty is on a plane to California.  "Going to California on a big jet plane, never let 'em tell ya that they're all the same."  A Pacific storm is moving in and it looks like rain.  The dogs are sleeping at my feet.  So, here goes.  Mostly, I have just been really busy.  There have been visitors, Vickie, Heather, and Greg, bicycle races, a Quarterly Report, and kid that needs me.

Cyclocross season is nearly over, yet it seems like it just started.  I will race tomorrow and then again the following Saturday, and the season here is done.  It's been a good year, even if it has not been very successful.  I've only had four podiums in 12 races.  There is still a chance to finish third overall in the singlespeed category.  I will problably be fifth, I would bet.  I did not ride or run at all for the entire Thanksgiving week.

We went to Montana for Thanksgiving, and mostly worked.  My feet were cold.  So, we went to Gold Bug hot springs on the way home.  Gold Bug is surreal, a waterfall of steaming hot water, perfect pools, and a billion dollar view.  I should say a priceless veiw, because you could never buy it.  It is Mother Nature's perfect miracle.
Robert Hamlin Bicycles is still open. Open, when I get a call and go down there to meet the customer and flip the sign over. I still have plenty of inventory, and everything is 40% off. I have bicycles, helmets, parts, clothing, etc. Please come get it all.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lupine Cramer On The Podium

Lupine Cramer, racing for Robert Hamlin Bicycles, came out of her self imposed short term retirement to race once again at a Utah Cyclocross race in Salt Lake City last Sunday.  Cramer, spinning a 36x22 on her Pake C'Mute singlespeed, easily finished in second place.  For three laps she reamained about 10 seconds behind the winner, often reminding her father in a fiery tone, each time he told her to go faster and move into first place, "no, Dad, I don't want to do that."  OK.  Pushy father.  Pushy, pushy.

Robert Hamlin, on the other hand, quit on Sunday after starting his third lap because he was a quitter, going backwards the entire race, after he said he was going to go to the front of the race.  Right.  Perhaps he has lost his competitive fire, only standing on the podium twice this year after nine races (last year he was on the podium eight times in ten races).  Quitter.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Waiting For The Light To Turn Green

I saw it coming
On the east sidewalk
She rolled fast, south bound

Into the crosswalk
She assumed the right-of-way
And so did the car

She did not get hurt
I hope she'll ride on the street
Legal, visible

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Big Efforts

I put in some real work at the UTCX races yesterday, doubling up again racing 45+ and Singlespeed.  I will not bore you with all the race details and placings.  The short story is, when I got in the car to drive home, I felt quite satisfied with my big efforts.  I went about as hard as I could all day.  I left nothing out there.  If there was anything else in my hand, I would have thrown that at my competitors too, but there was nothing left.

Also, Jamey Driscoll, one of the top U.S. cyclocross professionals, showed up to race.  He won easily in front of the likes of Alex Grant.  Yes, I am a big fan, and I got his autograph.  My biggest thrill ever:  right as he was about to lap me, I rode over a huge head-high log pile while he dismounted and ran.  After the log pile, he went right around me like a rocket, but I postponed his pass for a second or two.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ouch, That Hurts

My arms are really sore from Sunday's races.  In the 45+ race I bunny-hopped two log barriers every lap.  They were only about a foot high.  I was flying over the logs, lifting both wheels at the same time rather than the slower front-wheel-then-real-wheel "bronco" style hop.  I was feeling confident, but I chose to run the two traditional barriers, about 1.5 feet high.  I have always been able to bunny-hop, but in cyclocross races going so hard that I'm usually near the end of my physical rope, I've always been too scared to hop the big barriers.  If you miss and smack a wheel on a barrier at speed you could easily end up on your face.  Also you have to hop the first barrier cleanly because if you don't there is no time to set up your hop over the second barrier.

In the singlespeed race something came over me.  The two large traditional barriers were not too close together, so without really thinking much about it I bunny-hopped them nearly every lap.  I almost always got over the first barrier doing the flying lift without even touching it and doing a flying lift/bronco hybrid style hop to get over the second barrier.  The second one was not always clean, but I made it every time.

The 45+ race had six laps with two hops per lap over the logs.  The singlespeed race was nine laps with four barriers per lap.  That makes a total of 48 bunny-hops.  No wonder my arms hurt.  Here is more than you would ever want to read on the subject with video:

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Better Day

Today was probably the most beautiful day of the year with a bright blue sky and yellow trees.  I woke up, popped two sudafed and four ibuprofen, loaded up the singlespeed and headed to the race in Ogden.  I stayed at the front all day with Art O'Connor and Jeff Ure.  With one to go I went for the win.  I knew it would be first or third.  Yep, I finished third in a three up sprint.  It was good to get back on the podium.  Here is a nice picture from last week, sporting the new shop colors.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Not My Best

I had a rough outing at the cyclocross race in Ogden today.  I started slow, in 13th position.  On the third lap I moved up four or five spots, a little closer to the fast guys, but then started to drift back.  My power(s) failed me.  Especially on a long section of thick wet grass.  I finished right where I started, my worst result in a cross race since 2007.  I'm getting sick, and had a low grade fever, but I pushed as hard as I could.  Tomorrow I will try again, sick or not.  I'll be on the singlespeed.  The geared bike I rode today is dead.  There is a crack running nearly half way around the seat tube at the bottom bracket shell.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Schedule

In the shop this afternoon, hot laps at the fairgrounds before dark, on the road by 8pm tonight, in a hotel room in Richfield, UT by 1am, up and at 'em checking cameras at dawn, US 6 in the twilight, and home before midnight Thursday.  Friday?  I will take a nap, ride, and then it's a double cross weekend in Ogden, races on both Saturday and Sunday.  Easy.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Yesterday's Cyclocross Races

The lungs hurt today from too much dirt and dust and two races.  I finished fourth in the Masters 45+ race and fifth in the Singlespeed race.  Here is a video of the 45+ race.  My buddy Jason stumbled getting a foot out before the barriers and let me get around him for the fourth place spot.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Utah Cyclocross #1, 2012

This is the one I missed.  My mountain bike was down.  Really, I wish I would have been there.  I think I would have been just fine on the cross bike in the mountians.  Nice work Adam!

UTCX 1 - Snowbird from Grizzly Adam on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This Week

I should be open Wednesday through Friday in the afternoons.  I'll try to get back from the 'cross race in time to open on Saturday.

I've had a good week of training so far.  I rode Green Canyon easy on Sunday, rode hot laps and ran the steps 10 times on Monday, and did hot laps again last night.  I will do one lap efforts tonight, ride easy on Friday, and tear the pedals off on Saturday.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

6AM alarm
No desire to drive or race
Slept for two more hours

I'm disappointed
Mentally kicking myself
Sitting on the couch

Today I'll go ride
Can't make up for a missed race
But, It's a great day

The sky is bright blue
The trees are crimson and gold
Baxter Hollow calls

Thursday, September 27, 2012

This Week Is Last Week's Next Week

The shop is open this week in the afternoons, usually 1-5.  Come buy and see me.  I'll be putting the double-decker bike rack back up in the front of the store, the same rack that was there two years ago.  It's been at a shop down in SLC.  I'm glad to have it back.  I'm still trying to get ready for cyclocross season:  removing old tubular glue, applying fresh glue and tubbies, and building a tubeless wheelset.  The first race is Saturday.  The shop will be open on Saturday just as soon as I get back from the race, probably around 2.

Speaking of building wheels, here is my post from March 23, 2007 with baiku included:

Building a bicycle wheel is truly therapeutic. It starts with only a hub, a rim, and a big handful of spokes and nipples. The finished product is a work of art. It's also a form of healing, wholeness, strength, and fullness. Round, symmetrical, and rhythmic, it comes full circle. Right two and in, right two and in, left five, over under and in, left five, over under and in. Groups of 4, repeat the pattern, eight more groups of four to go, three-cross, 36 hole, and your done. The circle is complete. Strength in numbers. A hoop under tension.

Weaving spokes, hub, rim
Symmetry, form, and function
An endless circle

Friday, September 21, 2012

I am back in Utah, back into the swing of things.  The shop is open in the afternoons this week.

I'm trying to get ready for cyclocross season but there have been a few hurdles.  It was too smoky to train much up in Montana, and now I've picked up a sinus infection.  I went to the fairgrounds yesterday to do some race-pace laps and my handlebar broke.  Five years of heavy use will do that to aluminum.  Like I've always said, steel is usually a better choice than aluminum for bicycle frames and parts when it come to fatigue strength.  Aluminum will always fail.  Here is the Wikipedia explanation:

Ferrous alloys and titanium alloys[2] have a distinct limit, an amplitude below which there appears to be no number of cycles that will cause failure. Other structural metals such as aluminium and copper, do not have a distinct limit and will eventually fail even from small stress amplitudes.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Still In Montana

I will be here for two more days, hanging out with lions and bears.  A bear, blind in one eye, can still find the apples.  I know for sure this bear was eating apples, because I stepped in it.  I think it is eating plenty of other things too, fat and happy, getting ready for a good long nap.  It is definitely not getting ready for cyclocross season, trying to loose weight.  Yes, it is cold up here; there was frost on the ground yesterday.

The air up here is bad.  There is a big fire on the mountain just outside of Hamilton.  Here is an air quality graph, because I'm a scientist.  I love graphs.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dry Lab

I am back up in the Bitterroot Valley for at least a week.  Robert Hamlin Bicycles will be closed until Friday, or, perhaps Saturday.  I have quite a bit of field-work to do:  vegetation plots at all of the wildlife crossing structures, changing batteries, and copying pictures.  Each structure gets 60 plots, all on a 25 meter grid.  You have to get to each plot, even if there is a sheer slope, black bear, jungle, or billabong in the way.  Today it was a billabong, a deep-dark-slimy-beaver-infested-gooey side channel of the Bitterroot River.  I knew it was deep so I took off my shirt and left it on the bank with my phone, keys, hat, wallet, and glasses.  I had to swim sidestroke with one hand holding my field notebook and pen in the air to keep them dry.  I put in the remaining 15 plots on a cottonwood island, and then swam back across.  You can't dry lab the data if you are cold and wet.  No, I never saw the bear, but he was there about 9 hours before I was.

The dry and brave biologist goes to get the data.

Soggy bottom boy.


Friday, September 7, 2012

For Lynn

The aspen grow tired
Yellow around the margins
See my reflection

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Keeping Secrets

I did not train tonight; and I did nothing special last night either.  I'm keeping my Tebow Package under wraps until game day, September 29.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Steps

One hundred and six
Sprinting up, facing the east
The steps, eight repeats

No desire to go
I wanted to go to bed
Another loser

Feel the deep anger
The fight, the strength, the purpose
And just hit the steps

So I gave it all
No backing off at the top
One hundred percent

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Things Going On

Where do I start?  It was a long day in the shop.  Caroline has a new road bike.  Annora has a new cross bike.  I rode for 4.5 hours this morning from town up Jardine, up Cowley, and back home.  I did Tabata intervals last night; I could only do 2 sets.  Tabata is Japanese for puke.  I did 6 hot laps at the fairgrounds on Thursday and went to Porqupine with Tim S. via Paradise on Wednesday.  It's always good to go through Paradise.  On Tuesday I did short hill repeats.  I may just be ready for cross season.  Here is the UTCX schedule, first race is September 29:

Before UTCX there is race in Montpeiller, ID that I am looking forward to, 90 miles of dirt road.

And last but not least, here is Greg's new 29er:

Thursday, August 23, 2012


"I used to hate the fool in me, but only in the morning.  Now I tolerate him all day long."

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What Do You Think Of This?


Last week I finally did the Beirdneau loop.  I went up Green Canyon to the wilderness boundary and strapped my bicycle to a set of shoulder straps from a military field pack, and hiked up through the wilderness to the ridge-line that separates Green Canyon and Logan Canyon.  I have looked at that ridge for years, and studied it on the topo maps, saying, "that ridge is not wilderness, and I bet it's a great trail to ride."  Well, no, it's not great to ride, unless you are on a trials or freeride bike.  The trail is pretty rough.  And yes, I did it on the fixed gear cross bike.  The hike up Green to the ridge is more than 5 miles and took several hours.  Once on the ridge and out of the wilderness,  I hiked about half of the 12 miles back to the saddle above Wind Cave.  Total ride/hike time was nearly 6 hours.  I also made substantial forward progress on half-a-dozen occasions by flying through the air over the bars, which was actually much faster than walking.  The trail was hard to follow and disappeared several times.  It was strange to stand at 9000 feet looking at Green Canyon on my right, Logan Canyon on my left, town straight ahead, and actually feel a little lost.  While side-hilling it on the steep slopes of Beirdneau, carrying the bicycle through sagebrush with bloody shins, I could not find the missing trail for the life of me.  It was, however, an incredibly beautiful place.  I had always wanted to hike up to the top of Green Canyon to the base of Mt. Elmer and bag Beirdneau Peak.  It has everything you would expect from high country wilderness in mid August:  lupine and paintbrush in bloom, complete solitude, sub-alpine fir, hawks, and wind-sculpted limber pine.  No, I did not take a camera.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

La Cadena Se Tuerce

A young man walked into the shop on Saturday with his mountain bike.  "I need one of these," he said as he pointed to his cassette.  "How much?"  It was obvious another bike shop had told him such a thing.  I told him perhaps not, and asked him what the problem was.  His Spanish was much better than his English, and the converse is true for me.  He moved his arms in a circle and then did a fast half circle and made a clunk sound.  A look of enlightenment came over my face.  I put his bike on the stand.  I put the chain checker on the chain.  "It looks good," I said.  "Buena," he said.  "Cadena," I said, pointing to the chain, and he confirmed the translation.  I pointed to the cassette.  Nuevo?  Si.  I spun the cranks and shifted.  Two turns of the adjusting barrel on the rear derailleur and the bicycle shifted like butter.  Fixed I said, and away he went out the door.

Four minutes later he was back, spinning his arms and making the clunk sound.  I put the bike back on the stand.  He had been in the big ring and smallest cog.  Hmm.  I spun the cranks backwards and carefully watched the chain move over the smallest cog, and there it was, a slight twist in a single link.  "No my friend, you do not need a new cassette or a new chain.  La cadena se tuerce."  I grabbed the chain tool, removed the link, put the chain back together, and out the door he went.  He never came back.

Monday, August 13, 2012

My 8 Week Program

It has begun.  Last night I hit the stairs.  Last Tuesday I did 4.5 hours up Card and down Spring.  Saturday I rode up both Birch and Smithfield Canyons.  Cyclocross season may go well after all.

Only 6 repeats
Sprinting up Old Main Hill stairs
But, 10 is the goal

I will try to ride again today, some moderate base miles.  Then on Thursday I'll set up a course for hot laps.  Anyone want to join me?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I Almost Forgot The Shop News

Robert Hamlin Bicycles will be open this week, Wednesday through Saturday afternoons.  The 2012 Redline Conquests are here.  I have a size run, 52 through 58 to fit most (5'3" to 6'2").  Forget the $1399 msrp.  How does $1099 sound?  That's $300 in your pocket and a fine machine between your legs.  These are really great off-the-shelf bicycles.  They can do anything and have a ton of utility.  You can do a cross race, tour, commute, or put on some road tires and fly.

Back In Utah

I know.  I never post.  When I do, they're boring and sad.  I don't ride much of late (it has been two weeks) and I don't have any good shop stories.  I've been on the road so much I have motion sickness.  It seems I have too many jobs.  I've been in Montana and I'm going back on Sunday.  I usually start training for cyclocross season about now, but that may be on the back burner for a while.  I am going to ride today at some point.  I also need to assemble a bicycle or two.  My Montana report was due July 31.  I need to look at 50,000 more pictures.  And enter expenses from two businesses.  And wash the dishes and cook a meal.  And water the trees.  And...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

At Long Last, A Post

I've been busy.  Too busy.  Montana, Florida, and points in between.  I really can't remember it all and the rides I've done.  Here is an attempt, working backwards in my mind:
  • Four hours at San Felasco with  Peter and Chad
  • Last Thursday with the Gainesville crew, on the new Weasel Way
  • Etoniah State Forest where I saw a huge bear up close and personal
  • A 60 mile 97 degree fixed gear flap from Jax to the lake house
  • A downtown Jax ride over the no costa to Cassatt Ave. and back to Sans Souci with a stop in Avondale for a Jamison shot with Chad P.
  • A Thursday ride in Gainesville
  • A ride in Montana
  • A ride in Idaho
  • That's it.  I can't remember any others, but there were quite a few in Utah since the previous post.
I'm back at work today in the shop.  I may ride tonight with the Hyde Park geezers.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Today's Ride

Patty and I finally pedaled up Birch Creek.  Like all the other local trails I've warned you about, don't go up Birch Creek either.  It's no good.

Found It

One of the many (at least four or five) readers of this blog requested this photo.  I found it finally.  It's quite artistic, taken from the top of the Dirty Head Road between Weston and Clarkston, looking back into Utah.  I have to get back up there soon, but it's been so hot and dry that I may have to wait for fall.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Only in the Rockies can you sled down a mountain in shorts and t-shirts on Father's Day.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Saddle Time

I've been on the bike as of late.  Yesterday I climbed the forest service roads from Right Hand Fork to Mt. Logan.  Wednesday I did a road ride to Newton.  Tuesday I did the fast group road ride to Hardware Ranch.  Sunday I rode Portage Canyon.  Saturday I rode Green Canyon with Cody Man and on Friday I did the same ride with Paul.  I plan on doing a light spin today.  That would make seven out of eight days on the bike.  Wow.  When Patty and Lupine return from California my priorities will change.  Or, I could just keep going and get back into racing shape.  Sherwood Hills is on June 30th.  Yep.  I'm already signed up.

Monday, June 11, 2012


I did a little recon ride on Sunday over in the Malad Valley.  I rode through Washakie, Portage, and up Portage Canyon.  Strange, strange, strange.  Washakie is a tiny little ghost town/Shoshoni Indian Reservation/old Mormon-Indian Farm.  Follow the link to read the history (go to the end to find out what happened).  In short, Brigham Young tried to get the Shoshoni to become farmers as early as 1854.  Washakie was founded in 1881.  I'm here to tell you, it was a piss-poor choice for the location of a farming community.  Like most reservations, it was in the middle of nowhere, had little good land, and little water.  In Portage I had to ask a 17 year-old girl pushing her baby in a stroller, "Where am I?"  "Portage," she said, but she never looked at me and did not stop walking.  Yeah, I know.  I'm really scary looking.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Only In Logan

After work on Wednesday, Cody Man and I sat in the back yard and had a beer.  Or two.  Yes, it was two.  At 8 PM it was time to get some food for dinner.  Patty had been asking about dinner for over an hour.  I sprinted to the Panda Express for three orders of string bean chicken.
My deposit for the day was still deep in my front left pocket, cash from the sale of a wheel-set to Hyrum C.  At the register I dug deep into the same pocket for some loose change.  When I got home the cash deposit was gone.  Yesterday I called Mr. Panda.  "High, I know this is going to sound strange, but did anyone find a large wad of cash on your floor last night?"  As strange as it sounds, yes they did.  A four year old boy picked it up and gave it to his mother who gave it to the woman running the register, Ms. Maria Angeles, who gave it to her manager.  Tonight I got my money back.  Only in Logan.  At the Panda Express tonight there was a young couple.  They looked like teenagers, but they had six children all under the age of seven.

Only in Logan, where everyone is trained to turn in large wads of cash dropped by long haired beer buzzed liberals who complain about the Mormons.  Well, I'm not going to complain for a long time.  Yes, Greg W., I keep the money in my front left pocket, mostly, not in the Klean Kanteen next to the four year-old vodka under the sink.

And now for a ride report:  last weekend I rode from home to Bear Lake via Preston and Ovid, ID, on Wednesday I finally rode the new single-track in Providence Canyon (it's no good, don't go there) where there was more than an inch of fresh snow on the upper bridge, and today I did Green Canyon with Paul V. in my jeans on the Pake C'Mute with no helmet, one brake, and one gear.  I may never ride a mountain bike again.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Confess

Mother forgive me
It's been days since my last ride
I've been real busy

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Talking To Myself Before And During Yesterday's Ride

Self:  Hey, don't you want to grab a jacket and a poly-pro shirt and  take it with you?

Self:  Shut up.  It's not that cold and the sun is shining.

Self:  It's starting to graupel.  And it really hurts.  You are getting really cold.  Why did you wear a cotton tshirt and cutoff 501s when it's only in the 60s? 

Self:  Shut up.

Self:  Now it is hailing, there's two inches of ice on the trail, and your hands are so cold you can hardly ride your bicycle.  Why are you on a greasy trail way up in the canyon on bald 34c tires?  I bet you really wish you had your jacket.

Self:  Shut up.  Just keep pedaling and get the hell out of here.

Self:  How many times does this have to happen before you learn your lesson?  Don't you remember all the times this has happened before and you could have easily died?  If anything goes wrong, you are dead.  Really.  If you die, does Patty know where you've hidden that roll of hundred dollar bills in your ____ next to the _____ under your _____?

Self:  Shut up!  Shut up!  I'll be home in less than a half hour.  Any adventure you live to tell about is worth doing.  Oh my god am I cold.  I wish I had my jacket.

Monday, May 21, 2012


We did a quick trip to Jackson this past weekend.  We all rode on the new bike path between Moose and Jenny Lake.  I pedaled a big loop on the path and the unimproved River Road on the fixed gear cyclocross bike.  The road was river gravel and larger cobbles.  My hands and bottom are paying the price for giving up the 29er and riding only on skinny tires.  Ouch.  The views of the Snake River, however, were easy on the eyes.  As usual, we mostly drove.  Some day we are going to find a nice spot in a National Park and just stay put for a week or more.  Here are some pictures and a bison video:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Finally, A Real Tuesday Ride

Nope, I did not do the Tuesday road ride.  Paul and Ben took me to the mountains.  We did Right Hand Fork up Cowley to the top of Richards Hollow.  Richards is a fantastic trail, easy and smooth to start then a little technical at the end.  We turned left and climbed up Herd Hollow and back down Cowley.  The ride time was around 3 hours, the distance 24 miles, and the elevation 3,800 feet.  I rode the fixed gear cross bike with rock hard tires.  My hands hurt.

Tour de Gainesville 2012

I missed this one too.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another long week
Without a bicycle ride
Way too much shop time

BMI rising
My hands now rough and calloused
Fitness diminished

So I'll roll out now
Into the cold morning air

Friday, May 11, 2012

Ape Hangers

It's not everyday you get to turn an old mountain bike into an ape hanger with shiny fenders.  If you do, your going to need quite a bit of cable housing and a tandem length rear derailleur cable.  Enjoy it, Jeff.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Big Plans For A Big Ride

I'm going on a Robert Ride today.  Mama forgive me, it's been five days since my last ride.  I'm going to ride the fixed gear Pake C'Mute cross bike from home up the River Trail and the highway to the top of the Jardine Juniper Trail then back home.  Ride to the ride.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Not Poetry

Tonsil stones make your voice gravelly.
Shop life is getting busy.
I rode on Tuesday.
I want to do a night ride tonight.

The ideas expressed above are not in the form of a baiku.  Sorry, but I'm way too busy for that.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Bear Lake Monster Cyclocross Races, Half Off

I just signed up for what will be my first four cyclocross races of the 2012 season.  The Bear Lake Cyclocross Weekend will be September 21-23, 2012.  Use the discount code "halfcross" when you register for all four races and get over $50 off.  Where can you go do four races, one of them 80 miles and supported, for only $52.50.  Did I say it was Bear Lake?  Beautiful.  And, it will be hot and dry.  No high side passes in the snow.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Up And Down

I'm working up in Montana for most of this week.  I will try to be in the shop on Friday and Saturday.

Patty scanned the old picture at the top of the blog.  It's strange to see the old front yard used bicycle business.  Lupine was so little.  I was so young.

I had a great ride on Monday.  I went from Tendoy, ID to the top of Lemhi Pass.  It was so steep I had to walk most of the last mile.  On the way down, I melted the tubular glue on the front wheel and ripped out the valve stem.  When it cooled down, I had to rip it off.  The tire, not just my thumbs.  When I finally got another tubular on the rim, a huge thunder storm rolled over the mountain.  I survived the slow journey down with a front tire that had no glue, so there was no serious cornering and no front braking.  I just drug my feet most of the way.  My short 3 hour ride turned into a long and cold 5 hour ride, 2400 feet up in 12 miles.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

One's Got Gears, One Doesn't

It's finally happened.  A Pake C'Mute has rolled into the sunset away from Robert Hamlin Bicycles equipped with front and rear derailleurs.  And a pink cooler.  Cool.  Enjoy your do-it-all comfort cross, Wendi.

Here is a close up.  These city bars and stems from Origin-8 are hot sellers.

Gears.  Again, I really like the Origin-8 parts.   The tires, crankset, brakes and levers, seatpost, saddle, stem, bars, and headset are exactly what you want in bicycle parts.  They are well made, light, and cost less than other brands.  The derailleurs are super inexpensive Shimano Tourney, but they work well and will last.

A few days ago I showed my current ride with road tires and a flat bar.  I could not stand it any longer.  And, I had a crankset failure on my race bike.  But that's another story, one about carbon fiber bicycle parts.  Stay tuned.  My Pake C'Mute is now set up as a full-on flared drop bar single speed/fixed gear cyclocross bike with a flip flop 22 fixed/16 freewheel set up.  Now I can ride fast to the trail head and go up fast like a mountain bike with the flip of a wheel.  I just have to file off the Redline red from the forks.  Sandpaper.  It's carbon, so it will be fine.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Many Faces Of The Pake C'Mute

Here is one built up for my use, a fixed gear, Mary Bar, worn out saddle, road tire, super fast beater.

Here are the first pictures of Jules' new ride, a singlespeed, heavy, slow, cargo and dog hauling, go to school, do it all commuter.

Monday, April 16, 2012

I See Utah

Here is the view from the top of the Dirty Head Road looking south into Utah.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Easier's Not Better

I rode a big dirt loop around the "Washboards" yesterday starting and ending in Clarkston, Utah.  The route crosses into Idaho, up to the edge of Weston, up the bottom of Black Canyon and back to Clarkston via the Dirty Head Road.  The ride to Weston went fine.  Then I got lost, even though I had a map.  After two miles or more pedaling up Black Canyon, I saw two pick-up trucks at the end of a driveway.  I rolled up between them and asked, "Where's the four-wheeler road that leads back to Clarkston, I think I must have passed it?"  One Mormon pioneer-stock cowboy said there was no such road.  The other said, "No, it's about a mile or more back down this road after the straight-away.  Someone came down it this morning, you can see the mud and their tracks.  That road is all greasy, you'll never get up it on a bicycle."  He said the word bicycle with the stress and emphasis on the first syllable, like some folks say the word bisexual.  I held my tongue.  I let a smile slowly form on my face, and then allowed it to turn into a big grin.  I do love a challenge.  I know greasy.  Greasy is when so much silt and clay stick to your tires that they no longer turn.  Yesterday's greasy was easy.  In the picture below, the Washboards is the long spine of low mountains between Bergeson Hill and the big mountains to the west.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Today's Ride

I pedaled up to Franklin, Idaho and back today, via Cove, both ways.  It was only 47 miles in two and one-half hours, but my legs sure do hurt.  That's what happens when you only ride once a week or less.  I want that to change.  And it will.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


John from Jackson took home a Redline Monocog 29er today.  Both of the small Torker KB2 bicycles (kick back 2 speed coaster brake bar spin fun commuters) are gone.  At $300, the 2011 KB2 is a steel steal.  I will try to get some more of them.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Like The Cool Dudes In Portland

I've always wanted to post a picture of my bicycles being delivered to FedEx by bicycle.  I wonder, how long it would take if I pedaled both boxes to Florida?

Jason's Frame Prep

I know.  I've posted frame prep pictures before, but these are more dramatic.  And, Jason's new Soma Juice 29er frame is Candy Apple Green.  Seriously, these pictures show just how much paint there is on the end of a head tube, and just how out-of-round a head tube can get after it's welded.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

LUBE (Logan Used Bicycle Exchange)

Even though my shop has been closed for the last two years, every other customer who walks into Robert Hamlin Bicycles asks about used bikes.  I tell them that the city would require me to have a pawn shop business license in order to sell and buy used bicycles.  I tell them I don't want to own a pawn shop, that I'm Robert Hamlin Bicycles now, not Recycled Bicycles, as I point to all the shiny new frames hanging on the wall.

Here is my solution, a list of used bicycles my customers are trying to sell.  I'll try to include a picture, a description for each bicycle, and give an estimated value based on my experience.  Folks can list for free, just come see me, call me, or send me an email.  I would like a small commission after the sale, all based on the honor system.  The bottom line is this, I want to help people buy and sell used bicycles, but I'm not going to hold the bicycles or the money this time around:

Litespeed Blue Ridge titanium touring/cx frame, hand built and signed by David Lynskey himself, 52cm seat tube, 52cm top tube, with Kineses aluminum fork, headset, post, rack, and Deore XT canti brakes.  As a complete Ultegra bike it sold new for $2300 back in the day (late 90s?).  A new ti frame like this from Lynskey would cost you more than $2300 today, just for the frame.  Call John at 435-750-5889.

Fuji Nevada 4.0, 13 inch, 2009, like new, hardly ridden, a demo bike really, retailed for nearly $500, now only $250.  Call Dr. John, 435-770-6313.

Trek 850, 13 inch, really old, needs a go over, $100.  Call Dr. John, 435-770-6313.


I received the following email, so if anyone wants a really cheap singlespeed, let Sunny know.  You might have to order an entire shipping container, but here you go:

Dear Sir or Madam

Enjoy a wanderful day.  I am Sunny Lee, from Jinli Bicycles.  Our company is specialized in developing,producting and exporting bicycle parts ,children's cycles and bike pump, including "King Bird" stroller, bicycle saddles, pedals, crank sprocket, baskets,bicycle inner wire, wheel&rim, mini bearings ,bike pump etc .  I sincerely hope that you can reply me and let me know your needed goods.
Best regards
Sunny Lee
International Sales Department

Monday, April 2, 2012


Huracan 300
I followed my friend Chad Parker's blue dot on the internet this weekend.  He did 300 unsupported solo miles in the north Florida sand in only 38 hours.  Nice ride, Chad, you are a bad ass.  I would love to do this race next year.

I rode for an entire 90 minutes on Saturday.  The River Trail is dry, even the high side, but there is still snow in Spring Hollow proper.  It was nice riding in shorts, t-shirt, and sandals on the fixed gear cyclocross bike, my new modus operandi.  I may never ride the 29er again.  I still plan on doing Idaho to Arizona.  Yeah, I know, I was going to do it last year, but I never did.  It will happen this year.  I hope.  The sun is out today but the air is cold.  So, I may pedal a little this afternoon.

I will be in the shop this week, Wednesday through Saturday.  My hours remain amorphous and dynamic.  At some point, I may put up an open sign, but I doubt I will ever post hours.

Monday, March 26, 2012

"This Is My Passion"

I rode for four hours yesterday.  My mind and body feel inspired.  Then, this morning I watched this video of Graeme Obree, an old bicycle racing hero.  Somehow I feel a connection with this man.  We are nearly the same age (Do I look as old as he does?).  He says the things I often say, things like "inspired by the sense of my own mortality," "scrap heap challenge," "artistic expression," "recycling," "I wish I'd done more," "this is my passion," and "after my cup of coffee."  I love this video.  Good luck Graeme.

Return of the Flying Scotsman: inside the mind of Graeme Obree from Humans Invent on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

WKRP. Enjoy.

The Young Woman With The Bright Orange Schwinn Cruiser

No, not the young woman in the picture, and no, not the bright orange Schwinn cruiser with the magenta wheels either.  The young woman I'm talking about has short hair, a wonderful smile, a flower child persona, and lives here in Loganistan.  We don't have a beach here in Loganistan, just a flooded marsh.  The young woman and her bicycle came into the shop because her chain kept falling off.  She was absolutely head over heels in love with her bright orange cruiser.  She told the story of how she acquired it, and how she only had to pay $60.  "Don't you just love this bike," she asked?  I smiled, and told her no, that I really hated her bike.  I tried to explain how it was not a real Schwinn, about Kmart and Sears, and how heavy and ridiculously inefficient it was.  She did not hear any of it.  She just loved her bike, and I totally tried to respect that.

I put her heavy bike up on the stand, hurting my back, while we talked about how all guys inherently know how to put a chain back on and that some women have a hard time with it.  I explained that it was a fallacy because the chain guard was kicking my ass.  I inherently figured it out and changed the subject to other deep philosophical discussions, having to politely explain my need to move between my tools and work bench and her bicycle and that she should stand off to the side.  Perhaps I should put tape on the floor like Less Nessman.

The chain ring and cranks were not bent.  The rear hub was wobbly (that's a technical bicycle mechanic term I use when the cheap coaster brake hub allows the rear cog substantial play, even though the wire clip is in place, which explains why legitimate lock rings were invented).  All I could do was tighten the chain so that it was real tight in spots and real loose in other spots and bend the chain guard so that it didn't rub.  Hey, it's what I do.  Then we started talking about how she had used superglue and Scotch tape to repair her rear rack.  The rack eyelets had come un-brazed (the two metal thingies that the rack screws into were no longer attached to the seat stays).  I couldn't stand it.  I took off the tape and threw out the eyelets.  I tried to use two plastic-coated clamps but they were not large enough to go around the fat aluminum seat stays.  So, I wire tired her rack on to the seat stays.  The young woman with the bright orange Schwinn cruiser was ecstatic.  She thought wire ties were genius.  She was so happy she bought a helmet.  Smart woman.  I was so happy, I gave her the pair of leather gloves she wanted.  Absolutely free.  So were my expert bicycle repairs.

I know, I know.  I said I was not going to run my shop like that this time around.  I said that there was going to be a minimum labor charge, and that if I put a bicycle in the stand it was going to cost the customer at least $10.  I also said no discounts, freebies, or credit.  Oh well.  I'm doomed to be the person I've always been.  However, in the end, the young woman with the bright orange Schwinn beach cruiser made my day.

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