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Friday, February 27, 2015

Like Sharp White Teeth

That's how it felt. The sky looked pretty good as I rolled out. I headed west to the unpaved roads. When I turned north the sky looked foreboding.

I pretended to be a Hardman from cycling's past.  As I pedaled the Pake fixed gear into the sharp snow flakes, for a moment, I almost felt like one. 

What To Do

It has been a long time since I have consistently written blog posts or ridden a bicycle with any intensity. Yesterday was my first ride in Utah in 2015. Lupine and I rode the cross bikes up to Third Damn. It was snowing, the trail was a little muddy, and our toes were cold, but it was wonderful to be out in the mountains on the bicycle.

There is really only one thing to do when you weigh nearly 20 pounds more than you do when you are in race shape: go ride your bicycle. OK, I'm going. It is 37 degrees and lightly snowing outside, but I am going. When I get back I will try to convince myself to write about how it felt.

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