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Monday, May 31, 2010

Putting Down Roots

We planted some trees this weekend.  We are trying to block our view of the temple.  I think we will need more trees.  The weather has improved.  I've even been on the bike.  Yesterday, Patty and I rode around the valley on cross bikes and then I went up Green Canyon with Greg and Doug.  Two-a-days.  That would get me back in shape.  Below are random photos I've been meaning to post.  There's no theme.  Just randomness.

The trees are aspen and water birch.  No, they're not drought tolerant, but they are what we wanted.

This is a big 400 pound black bear killed on the road in southern Utah.  Patty has more work to do.

Patty found this rock art on her southern Utah trip.  I told you these were random pictures.  It happens when I post so infrequently.

If there is a rock slide in a National Park and there's no one around to take a picture of it, does it still make a sound?  Patty heard it, and got a picture to prove it.

Above is my ultralight rack-less touring set-up, almost off road worthy.  It all fits in two old panniers, one on the bars and one under the seat.  No, it's not perfect.  I will get real bags some day.  Then, I'll get in real shape.  Then I'll show up for at the start of the Tour Divide.  I should have more pictures of my tour soon.  Maybe.

Monday, May 24, 2010

There will be no bicycle ride this morning.  It's too wet and too cold.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Green Is Good

I did a fast ride up Green Canyon (click through the pictures) today with Paul V. and Martin F. today.  They killed it and I hung on for dear life, the huffing and puffing yo-yo man.  They are both fast and I have no lungs, just base.  If I did not live here and did not ride Green Canyon all the time, I would be jumping up and down with excitement to ride this trail.  It is in great shape.  All the trail work over the past three years has really paid off.  Really, it's some of the best singletrack around.  Sshhsh.  Don't tell anyone.

Friday, May 21, 2010


...for the lack of content.  There's no time to post.  There's too much bike repair.  There's too much house cleaning and dish washing.  There's way too much live bicycle racing on the internet.  I've got to go to sleep now so I can wake up and watch the next stage of the Giro.  I may even ride in the rain and snow tomorrow.

Here is the forecast:   "...a chance of rain and snow showers. Snow level 5800 feet lowering to 5200 feet after midnight."

Chance for Measurable Precipitation 80%

Hi 51 °FSaturday

Rain/Snow Chance for Measurable Precipitation 30%
Lo 30 °F

Can you believe that forecast?  Snow.  That's OK.  Fixed cross is the answer.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Just when I thought I was out of the bicycle business, everyone and their sister wants their bicycles repaired.  I've done eight repairs this week.  If this keeps up, I may have to order more chains, cassettes, and tires.  My new mantra is "repair not retail."  That should help me stay sane.

Here is picture from Lupine's birthday party in 2006.  "Hey, could you fix my flat tire while I'm here to pick up my kid?"  Sure.  Here.  Have a slice of cake.

Monday, May 17, 2010

This Blog Is Lame

I wanted to write about my southern Utah tour, but I just can't get my mind wrapped around the task.  That's the problem, it's a task.  Somehow it is easier to experience over 400 miles in 6 days, sleeping under the stars, and pedaling over spectacular grand-scale geology, than it is to sit a a keyboard and write about it.  I may post some pictures soon, but until then, you may just have to go pedal it for yourself.

I did get back on the bike this past weekend.  I rode the River Trail and Green Canyon.  Thanks, Greg, for getting me out there.

Monday, May 10, 2010


I'm back in Logan, done with the southern Utah tour.  It was fantastic.  My eyes are full and my skin is sunburned.  I pedaled 420 miles in 6 days, fixed gear.  I had no idea there would be so much climbing.  I'll try to write it up and post some pictures soon.

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