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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Big H

On the weather map there is a big giant H floating over my head. The clouds that were wrapped around the mountains for the last three days are gone. The sky is Easter egg, big cold-front blue. The mountain tops are dusted white with snow. Below the snow the maples are every shade of red. It may get up to 60 today, perfect riding weather. Yeah, I plan to ride today. It will be my first ride in eight days. That fact just demonstrates my diligence in training for the rapidly approaching cyclocross series. I guess I'm training hard mentally. I have read that being mentally prepared for a bike race is very important. Important when you run up the hill with the bike on your shoulder and pass out from lack of Oxygen.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Falls frozen on the mountains
As the sun goes down

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I'm riding tonight
Strapping on the TurboCats
Up Logan Canyon

I'm an angry man
Riding quenches rage within
Turning leaves calm me

Monday, September 17, 2007

Knee to Rock

I have been waiting to post this picture and link for a while. Take a look at Patty's work. She is brilliant and beautiful. Beautiant. Smart and sexy. Smexy.

I got in a great ride yesterday with Paul G. We went up Stump Hollow and did a loop via Little Bear and the Turkey Trail. There was plenty of up, down, hike-a-bike, and one good tumble. I just could not get my foot out in time while crossing a boulder field in Peter Sinks. Knee to rock says it all. That Stump Hollow trail is not very good. I would not recommend it.

Fall is here. The maples are going off in Logan Canyon up by Tony Grove.

Crimson red maples
Under the yellow aspen
Painted mountain sides

Monday, September 10, 2007

One More Thing

I wanted to mention again, I will be playing and singing at the Gardner's Market on Wednesday at 5:30. The market is at the courthouse on Main Street each Wednesday. Come on out. Buy some veggies.

The Pendulum Swings

A few weeks ago, Dave B. at Seattle Bike Supply made me buy a bike. A bike with gears. OK, I guess I wanted it. I have not purchased a derailleured bicycle since 1998. I almost made it a decade only riding a single speed bicycle. I have not purchased a new bike since the Matt Chester Ute, seven years ago. So, now I'm shifting. If Matt Chester is going to build frames with derailleur hangers, I can ride a bike with gears. I own a bike shop, and I probably should be riding and racing the bicycles that I sell. Dave, thanks for the pro deal.

My new bike you ask? It is an 08 Redline Conquest Team(the bike in the picture is not my bike). Fun you ask? I have not ridden it very much, but I must admit it is a blast to go really fast in the flats. Now I can even go on a road ride with a group. I plan on doing the
Utah Cyclocross Series which begins in a few weeks. I plan on doing the single speed race on the Monocog 29er with my drop bars and thin tires (click here for the Strong story) and then getting my rear spanked, kicked, and bruised by doing the A race on the new bike. Good training, no? I will blog more once I get in a few good rides on the new bike.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Storm

The air was humid
Before our last thunderstorm
Almost like back home


Yesterday, Ryan finally took home his 08 Conquest. What a pretty blue bike with matching blue on the saddle and bar wrap.

Kristen got her Conquest Sport. Like several other Recycled & New Bicycles' customers, she works at Common Ground Outdoor Adventures. They do great work. Kristen pronounces one syllable words like they have two or three, just like I do. She is from Alabama. Roll Tide?

A while back I was the "official" bicycle suppler to the employees at Crumb Brothers. Five employees from Cafe Ibis have purchased bikes. Now it looks like I can add Common Ground to the list. Thank you everyone!

Yesterday I blogged that I only had three Redline R530s left. Today I only have two. Again, hurry. I will order more.

I have a gig tonight at our neighborhood block party. I will be playing around 7:30 at the pavilion behind the church at 1000 N and 1250 E near Evergreen Drive (think northeast of the Logan Cemetery).

I am also scheduled to play at the Cache Valley Gardner's Market on Wednesday at 5:30 at the downtown courthouse.

When will I go for a bike ride? I can not write baiku if I do not ride.

Friday, September 7, 2007

They Are Going Fast

Last Friday, I blogged about all the new Redline 530s I received. European sophistication indeed. Well, there are only 3 women's left. The men's are gone! So, hurry before they are all gone. Seriously, these bikes are so good, I will be ordering more in all sizes.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Paid Endorsment?

My best buddy John forwarded the email below. It's good to know I'm doing a few things right. Notice that I haven't posted emails from all the people I've pissed off.

"Hey! So I took your advice when I saw you in Rob's bike shop about going to him for any bike need and I am grateful I did! I never thought riding my bike could be so enjoyable-and I wish I would have realized sooner that with a little bike tune-up there would be a lot less physical pain and exertion! It is amazing what he can do with the bike! But what else would you expect from a guy like him, eh?"

Monday, September 3, 2007


When I lived in Montana, fall's harbinger was watching the fireweeds lose there blossoms. Within a few weeks of all the flowers falling to the ground we would get our first snow of the fall. It does not happen that quickly here in Utah, but when I see the fluffy seed heads on the fireweed, I know fall has arrived. I look for the first cold front and dark clouds in the northwest sky. I think about cyclocross season. I think about snow, mud, tights, arm warmers, and cold toes.

The last pink petals
From the Epilobium
Just fell to the ground.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

What a Week

The last three days have been crazy. There is nothing like doing repairs from 10pm to 3 o'clock in the morning. There is nothing like selling used Burley trailers, new trailers, used bikes (was it four or five?) and new bikes (three just today!). It looks like I'll be able to pay the rent on Tuesday. Thank you customers. Thank you. Will I be able to pay for the twenty-five new bikes? I hope so.

It looks like I will stay busy for a while. I have a whole bunch of repairs to do. Ryan D. gets his 08 Conquest on Tuesday or Wednesday after waiting for a whole month. Thank you for your patience, Ryan. I will order an Atlas trike for Pat G. on Tuesday.

So much for staying small. It looks like I found some good help for building bikes. Bryan showed up on Tuesday and answered "the" interview question. He was the first one to get it correct out of about a dozen people who have asked to build bikes. The question, you ask? "My bike shifts perfect on the first three or four cogs. On the next four it gets worse and worse. What is wrong with my bike?" If you know the answer, post it in the comments section. A small latte to the first correct answer. Ike has also been building some bicycles for me. Thanks guys. I ain't no rock. I ain't no island.

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