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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cold winter winds turn
Valley roads to steep mountains
White with drifting snow

I wrote this haiku almost four years ago. We were living at the end of Bear Canyon Road in Montana, and I was pedaling to work one cold February morning. Rolling down through the protected canyon was easy. When I hit the valley floor, the cold north west wind with blowing snow was like a solid wall. It is 5 degrees this morning here in Logan. I just saw a neighbor pedaling past. The poem is fitting, and still seems fresh.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

In my comfort zone
Sitting up, coasting down fast
Arms stretched like wings

Sunday, November 19, 2006

What a Great Day for a Ride

I rode (not a commute) today for the first time in over a week. As Hayduke said, "chemicals." Others were out there too. I saw Logan's core of real bicyclists taking part in a safety course. You all are making Logan a better place. Sorry I could not join in. The unpaved trails were calling. If there is a choice, I choose anything but pavement. I rode future Shoreline Trail possibilities along the northeast benches. I came back along the North Logan/Smithfield canal.

Speaking of trails and canals, Cache County has a great opportunity to obtain trail easements along our canals. Trail easements are negotiated in other states throughout the west. I worked on trails at GVLT in Montana for several years. There are many obstacles, however. I just can not understand how people can put up a sign that reads "no trespassing, private property, canal easement only" and then proceed to put up fences, plant grass, install irrigation systems, deposit leaves, brush, and dog poop. I am trespassing yes, what are they doing?

My baiku for today:

The grass is still green
On many parts of the trail
Why stop riding now

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Thanks for Looking...

...Holly, Vickie, and Erik. Thank you, Holly, for all of your wonderful ideas. Here is a picture of Holly on her brushed aluminum Biria for all to see.

Today was a long day in the shop with Lupine, friends, and customers. Two recycled bicycles went out the door today, Stephanies' clear coated Schwinn single speed conversion and a Schwinn road bike for Mr. Pendery. Thanks Kim.

Here is a haiku from Erik D.

Hamming it up with
Bicycles is the best shop
Utah is for Smith


This is All New to Me!

It's almost 11:30 on a Friday night. I have decided to create my first blog, a blog for me and for my shop, Recycled Bicycles. Yes, I am probably bipolar. Ok, I am.

I know you are all waiting for a haiku, but first the big shop-news. It looks like Recycled Bicycles may close for the winter as soon as Saturday, December 9th. When I re-open, I may be in a new location. Sweet Peas will be moving to the east half of the building and the west half (including my northwest corner) may have a new tenant any day now.

This means several things in the short term. First, I need to reduce my inventory. All new bicycles and accessories are reduced. We are talking cash flow, so I am willing to sell everything near cost. Make me an offer! I have two Birias left, one Cadillac AM 2.4, a half-dozen or so Sun cruisers, and 3 Cayne Uno messenger bikes. I also have men's and women's cold weather clothing by Bellwether (jackets, long sleeved jerseys, tights with pads, balaclavas (no nuts), and clear rain jackets.

Second, if I do get the boot, I will still be available for mobile repair service. I can pick up and drop off your bike, I can bring my stand and tools to your place, or you can bring your bicycle to me at my house. Easy. I will also be able to get any parts and accessories you need within 48 hours. Easy.

Third, I had planned to do some winter riding workshops. These will probably not happen. However, if you have any questions about how to dress, how to ride, or how to set up a bicycle for winter riding, just ask!

OK, baiku time. For those of you unfamiliar with the form, baiku is haiku (three lines of poetry with 5, 7, and 5 syllables) from a bicyclist's perspective. The objective of really good haiku is to "remove all subjective pre-consciousness" from your poetry, and just write about what is really there, usually with a reference to nature. Think Zen. If you get it right, you achieve enlightenment. Also, it helps to ride a fixed gear bicycle. So, here is one of my favorites. Thanks for reading.

East winds, canyon mouth
Bend aspen and alder west
An unseen push felt

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