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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Crazy Updade

Or, should I say an update because I'm crazy?  No, we are not in Florida, we're still in Utah.  Like I posted before, life is what happens when you are making other plans.  The new plan?  This week we became foster parents.  Jaide and Trent, 9 and 13, moved in yesterday after a whirlwind week of preparation and many trips to Ogden/Layton.

Why are we doing this?  It's pretty simple.  We have enough food, house, things, experience, knowledge, and love to share.  We all talk about charitable giving, making the world a better place, and doing for others.  This is something completely different.  It's something we just feel a need to do.

Crazy?  Yes.  The short list of things to get/do:  build closets, build a wall, chest 'o drawers, fix the seat belt in the car, organize the upstairs, go to the grocery store (again), do the dishes (again), and get more laundry baskets.  And yes, ride my bike.  And yes, go to Florida for a short trip.

I will fly to Jacksonville on January 5th and return to Loganistan on January 17th.  Lupine should be flying with me (she may change her mind).  I still plan on doing the Florida Championship cross races and the Tour de Felasco.  I'll do these rides for fun.  I have to, now that I've already gained 8 pounds since my last race on December 17.  I really like potato chips.  And pizza.  And sausage.  And...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Poem for Lynn

Inside and above
When the snow-fog leaves my head
I'll stand in the sun

Utah Cyclocross Final Points 45+

Belay That Order

Life is happening while we're making other plans.  So, don't put the cat in the car just yet.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Long Haul

We are going to get in the car in a few days.  The goddamned cat, too.  If I can find room I'll strap the fixed gear cross bike to the rear luggage rack, somehow.  No, I'm not going to Nationals.  No, I'm not going to Worlds.  I may not even get to the Florida State Championship race on January 8.  Then again, I might.  If I do, it will be nice to have a real bicycle rather than a 30 pound 30 year old ten speed.

I have not trained since last Saturday, already getting fat, eating chips and drinking two beers.  Yeah, I'm a real beer drinker.  I may go run the stairs today.  Then again, it's 14 degrees out there.  I need to do some core conditioning, but the floor is dirty and covered in dog hair.  I could go ride Green Canyon on the snow bike, but my toes would freeze after only a half hour of pedaling.  I really have to get out of Utah.  What's the temperature right now in Florida?
The route home, you ask?  Moab, Utah, Taos, New Mexico, Batesville, Arkansas, and Mendenhall, Mississippi are the for sure stops.  I'm sure there will be others.  Tallahassee?  I'm taking bets on where the cat runs away.  Pick the spot; the closest location wins.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Utah Cyclocross 2011 Is Done

Final race today
Flat, bike change, chased back to third
Podium in sight

Hard left, inside out
Slipped on the ice covered leaves
So long podium

All said and done now
Second overall this year
Masters 45

Saturday, December 10, 2011


I live in a place
Where you can't ride in winter
Without cold numb feet

Friday, December 9, 2011

Working Through My Depression

I'm up in Montana's Bitterroot Valley until Sunday, collecting data, changing batteries, and installing 6 more cameras.  Work is good for me.  I just need to get back on the bike.  That is hard to do for many reasons:  the ass-whoopin' I endured last Saturday brought me down, the super cold temperatures (I tried to go ride on Tuesday of this week but it was 8 degrees, so I pulled a Dave Parker and turned around and went back home before I even got started), and the depressing long shadows even in the middle of the day.  But, I'm feeling better.  I'll bounce back.  Short dark days can't last forever.  I may even go for the win in the final race on the 17th.  Just seven more days until the end.  I hope it will be slick and frozen solid.  Then, I'm going to drink a beer, eat hamburgers, and get fat again.  That will make me feel better about myself, that and more than 8 hours of sunlight each day.  Florida and warm air is not far off.  I can't wait.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

UTCX #11 45+ Results

I did not ride bad.  Actually, I rode pretty good.  The Throttle, on the other hand, put a little more than 20 seconds on me every lap.  That's 20 seconds every lap!  Darren was super fast today and I was not even close to being able to keep up with him.  It was the man against the boys today.  He is the Utah 45+ champ.  I got the second place medal.  He is now 11 points ahead overall with one race to go, and that last race is double points.  But, even if I finish one place in front of him, he will still win overall by two points (he will drop a 64 and I will drop a 67).  So, I'll have to finish two places in front of him to take the series.  Yeah, right.  If the course at Wheeler Farm is fast and dry like Fort Buenaventura was today, I won't even be close to the man.  On a dry fast course, I am just another racer.  Pray for mud.  Deep mud.  Really deep slick mud.  And pray that he falls down three or four times.  Or five or six, if you want to pray really hard.  Hey, it works for Tim Tebow.  Realistically, I'll be riding for second overall in the last race, and I'll be riding for the fun of it.  The pressure is off now.  I know my place.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Conditions At The Fort

I went with Jason Sparks today to pre-ride at Ft. Buenaventura.  It's dry and fast, not to my advantage.  I'll have to ride the geared bike.  I'll have to go hard.  I have to finish in front of The Throttle.  I think I will.  I think that he thinks I will.  But you never know until the race is done.

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