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Monday, November 30, 2009

Back In Loganistan

I'm back in Utah.  My repair stand is empty right now if anyone needs professional bicycle repair service.  I will be working in the "shop" some this week.  The weather is warm here today with a high near 45.  I am going for a ride right after I pick up Lupine from school.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Evening In Missoula

We are spending the night in Missoula, at the Sleep Inn, but we did not drink any tea.  As far as herbal tea goes, Evening In Missoula is pretty good stuff.  You can get it here at all the cool coffee shops and cafes.

We got all of the cameras checked today.  My boss is a slave driver, making me work on Thanksgiving weekend.  Tomorrow, we plan to install four cameras and move two more.  It will be a big day, and I get to use the spud bar!

We should be back on the road by Sunday morning.  Patty wants to go home via Bozeman.  We will see.

Next week, I plan to get the first Car(e)free trailer built.  The axle problem is solved, but I'm still working out a jig to custom bend my hitches.  I may do it like this.  There are other options as well, some more crude than others.  Trial and error.  Live and learn.  Bend, don't break.  Or crimp.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving Thanks

We will be in Montana for Thanksgiving, doing a lot of work putting in new cameras and a little eating.  Lupine is out of school, the camera batteries are dead, the forecast in the Bitterroot Valley calls for snow, so away we go. 
On Sunday I installed a cat door in the bathroom window.  It's a test to see if they can survive without us for one week.  When we return, the cats will either be fat and happy or stubornly frozen stiff beside the front door.  How long does it take old cats to learn new tricks?  If they survive, they will stay here for Christmas.  I have vowed to never travel with cats again.

Monday, November 23, 2009

"They Got This Depression On...

...I got to do for me and mine."

I finally pulled all of the new bikes out from the basement at the shop today.  Everything is out of the shop now, except for the sign over the door.  So, if anyone out there is reading this and looking for a bicycle, or knows someone who is looking for a bicycle, please look at the bikes for sale in the sidebar.  I put it back up because I believe there are people out there who would truly love to buy a quality bicycle at a wholesale price.  Really, you will not find a better price on these bicycles, anywhere.  Unless, you find another bike shop going out of business trying to sell bikes for what they paid for them.  Me, desperate?  At this point, it does not really matter.  I don't really care if they sell or not.  What I feel is a deep sadness.  But, that is another post.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Green Is Brown

I rode up Green Canyon today.  The great snow riding is now a mud fest higher up the trail.  Weird.  Snow at the bottom and mud at the top.  That's alright.  There will be more snow soon enough.

The snow turned to mud
Up above the inversion
Green, from white to brown

Cross race tomorrow?  Life may be too short to spend that much time in the car.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's Been Awhile...

...since I've done a cyclocross race.  I may just jump off the couch and do the State Championship Race on Saturday.  No, there is not  a medal in my future, just perhaps a heart attack, puking, and a finish in the back of the pack.  I've said it before; I'm not very good at cyclocross, but I enjoy it more that any other type of bicycle racing.

Lupine, on the other hand, will be the Girls 9 and under State Champ, I predict.  We will see.  Wish us luck.

Monday, November 16, 2009

All You Need To Know About Snow has the best information around for riding your bike in the winter.  I don't think they have updated their site in many years.  The products may be out of date.  But, the knowledge here is invaluable.  Check it out, particularly the clothing/how to dress section.  It will keep you from getting cold parts and a lot of trial and error.

It's 35 outside right now here in Loganistan.  Time to go for a ride.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Snow Ride

I know I've preached the gospel of riding in the snow before. It's time to bear witness again. I went up the Green Canyon singletrack today with G.W. It was one of the best rides I have ever done. It was so much fun coming down, every turn a controlled drift. There was about 4 inches of fresh powder, enough to slide around on, but not so much that the tires could not find the trail after the perfect drift though each turn. Fun, fun, fun.

It's a shame people stop riding as soon as it snows. Riding in the snow is not hard to do, and it gives the old familiar trails a complete new perspective. And, the scenery is incredible, with several inches of snow hanging on the bare maple branches that form a canopy over the trail, creating the perfect winter wonderland.

As soon as the snow gets deep, it will be impossible to ride up the Green Canyon singletrack. The road, however, gets groomed for skiing, so that it can be ridden under certain conditions for most of the winter. Anyone want to come along? Here are a few hints for those who are interested:
  • let some air out of your tires
  • steer with your butt and hips, keep the bars straight
  • layer up, wear booties or double socks, put on a balaclava, and wear winter gloves
  • go a little slower and gear down
  • have fun
Sorry, I did not get any pictures.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Like There's No Tomorrow

I took the opportunity to go for a ride on the Deer Fence yesterday with K.H. and J.Y. I told them, "dudes, there is a tomorrow." That's just how they ride. Me, I was always behind watching the gap grow. I kept thinking that if I just went harder they'd come back. Yeah. Right. It was my first real ride since October 25. Bottom line, I got to get back in shape.

Sorry, no baiku. Poetry does not get composed during extreme Oxygen debt.

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