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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Guide Service

I'm going to tell you a secret, but you can't tell anyone. Really, this is an important secret. If it were to get out, it would change everything. It would alter the alignment of the stars.

So, don't tell anyone, but Logan, Utah is one of the best places in the United States to ride a bicycle. Really. It has the best roads, the best trails, and the best scenery around. There are few good restaurants, no place to buy a good beer, no night life to speak of, few art galleries, good people who follow a strange religion, and only one coffee shop. But, oh my gawd the riding we have. Cache Valley is a huge maze of empty roads with mountain views in every direction. The view is a circle of mountains really. The single track is some of the best I've seen. I would compare it with all the great mountain biking destinations I am familiar with: Moab, Fruita, Jackson, Driggs, Bozeman, and West Fir.

While in Bozeman, I did quite a bit of professional guiding. Now that I no longer have cheap Aluminum bikes to build and more free time, I am now offering myself as a guide to anyone who wants to come to Logan and go on a mountain bike ride. I know all the trails. I know the details that the guidebooks and do not, like where the cows are, where the mud is, where the downfalls are, and the difficulty level of each trail. Most importantly, I know trails not in the books or on the Internet.

Here's what you get:
  • A professional ride guide
  • Epic rides on the best trails without any effort on your part (other than pedaling) or ever getting lost
  • A professional mechanic who can do nearly any trail side repair
  • A gourmet lunch (I am a really good cook. Remember, we have few good restaurants.)
  • Someone to carry your gourmet lunch, snacks, water, and tools
  • Some of the best single track and mountain views you have ever seen or your money back

Oh yes, there is a cost.
  • $300/half day for up to three people (now don't sweat the math, that's $100 per person)
  • $500/full day for up to three people. I'll let you do the math this time, because it's more complicated
  • Advanced riders only

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