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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fuji Connoisseur

I will be out of the shop and out of Loganistan for the next week or so. I plan to be open again on July 16. I'm going home to Florida, where the unbearable heat is surpassed only by the unbearable humidity. I can't wait.

I ordered some classic Fuji bicycles today: Cambridge, Touring, and Connoisseur, which is still not ready to ship. I will post more details and pictures when they come in.

Below is the Fuji Connoisseur. I never thought I would see a new production (not custom) road bike in 2009 with a steel lugged frame and downtube shifters. Yesterday, Jimbo asked me on the phone, "Do you think anyone wants a lugged steel bike with downtube shifters?" I may not sell very many of these bicycles, but I like it. I would ride one. At least once a week a bike comes in the shop with broken STI brake/shift levers. I also think indexed front shifters with "trim clicks" do not work as well as an old school friction shifter. Really. I want to be able to trim my front derailleur as I see fit.


  1. Oh wow! I have not been on a bike in so long, I think the last time a went on one was when I was about 11, oh how time flies.

  2. Drake. Dude. Rock bands are now putting out new albums on vinyl. 2009, on vinyl. Some like it better the old way. That said, I have a nice new Fuji CCR2 full carbon sti bike for sale in the shop. Want a test ride?

  3. ok. i've been trying to find more info on this bike and has thee for sale. but the sizing isn't really helpful. i am in between 5'6 and 5'7 and my inseam is 30. i'm riding a 50cm track bike (mercier kilo tt) and it's kind of tight on me. i know it's a track bike and the geometry is more aggressive. i want to get a bigger frame but not something too big. some peopl say this their 56cm fits like a 54cm. i'm wondering before i pull the trigger, i'm deciding in between a 54cm and a 52cm. any suggestions? or can you tell me how the bike fits and/or the sizing on this frame? thanks!

    you can reach me at

    1. I have a 52cm Fuji Connoisseur and a 31" inseam, at a height of 5'8.5, and this bike fit's me fine. I'm using a 90mm stem and my reach is comfortable and relaxed. I threw my old Campy Centaur groupo on it and I have to say I like riding this bike more than my Neuvation FC100, which has SRAM Rival. With my full kit, the neuvation weighs in at 17lbs, the Fuji at 22lbs. I can feel the difference on a steep climb, but no where else. The straight bladed fork I don't like as I think a rake gives a smoother ride, but the difference is nominal. It's a good bike if you you put the right gear on it. Good luck, and happy trails.


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