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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One More Thing

I wanted to say a little more about cargo bikes.  Here is the link to the NPR story again, in case you missed it.  Yes, there is a revolution right around the corner, not just in Portland and Boulder, but in every sized town across the country.  I have said all along that the recession was not, and is not, about financial collapse but about fossil fuel/energy use and CO2.  Consumer economies based on fossil fuel will fail.  We all will be riding bicycles and building sea walls sooner or later.

My plan to build Car(e)free Bike Trailers is my attempt to do one small part to facilitate the coming revolution.  Cargo bikes are great, but I think the trailer is a much better option.  All you have to do is unhook the Burley hitch, and you can ride your regular bike, not a 75 pound, long wheel base, expensive monster.  Think about it.

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