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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Row For Water

I've always been a want-to-be endurance athlete.  I'm not really, but I've always wanted to be.  Oh, I've done the Cascade Cream Puff, the White Rim In A Day, Highway 50 across Nevada (The Loneliest Road In America), a couple of 12 hour races, a failed attempt to ride the Florida Trail from here to Stuart, other bikepacking jaunts here in Florida, and many years ago, a circuitous Chattanooga to Jacksonville ride.  I've made a few squeaks about doing the Tour Divide, but that is still pie in the sky.

But this, Row For Water, this is something altogether different.  Katie Spotz will spend the next three months rowing solo across the Atlantic Ocean.  She is already 1/8 the way across.  Yesterday she slept for four hours and rowed for 15 hours straight.  Katie is an endurance athlete.  I'm impressed.  I will continue to follow her progress.  I find it hard to imagine rowing across the Atlantic.  It's not like a long bike ride where you stop and get a good meal and hotel after sleeping on the ground and eating nothing but power bars for a few days.  If she wakes up one morning and does not feel like rowing, she really has no choice.  She has to keep rowing.  Like Shackleton.  And, she's supporting a good cause, Blue Planet Run Foundation, providing drinking water for 20 million people by 2015.

OK.  I'm motivated.  Before I leave, I'm going to do the FT to south Florida.  300 miles of sugar sand in three days.  Compaired to Katie, I'm a wimp.

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