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Friday, July 9, 2010

The Secret Portal?

Yesterday, I finally made it up Canyon "X" in the southern part of Cache Valley.  I'd been looking at it on the maps for some time, The Secret Portal, a slow easy climb into the Bear River Range, doable on the fixed gear cross bike, 48x22.  I found the road near Avon.  It was completely unmarked, gated, gated, and gated again.  The maps all say National Forest but the signs all said "Private Property."  On the other side, the signs didn't say a thing. The canyon walls were covered in flowering Arnica and big tooth maple.  I stopped for at least five minutes to watch a young golden eagle do the most absolutely amazing thing.  Fly.  At the top of Canyon "X" the road turned north.  The area was overrun by cows, the road covered in their droppings.  At the end of the canyon the road switched back up and over the mountain, and down I went into Canyon "Y" hopping fences, exiting just north of Paradise.  That's Paradise, the town.  The next time I'm in Avon, I'm turning right on West Canyon Road.

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