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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Back In The Bitterroot

Well, I finally made it to Montana.  The Lost Trail Pass was a bit snow covered but not so bad.  Here are the rules for driving over Lost Trail Pass in the winter:
  1. realize that there are 10 foot snow banks on each side of the road, so if you lose control you will not really go over the edge
  2. test your brakes well before the turns so you know how slick it really is
  3. once you know how slick it is, slow down a little
  4. on the climb, goose it a little until you drift, just so you know, then,
  5. slow down a little more
Here is a current picture:

See?  How bad could it it be.  Any idiot could successfully drive over this pass.

Right now I'm sitting in the Bitter Root Brewery, sipping an IPA and having a burger.  I've been stomping through the snow all day and my belly is grumbling, my piriformis really hurts, and my feet are wet and cold.  So, here I am.  I have 15 more cameras to check, 6 cameras to remove, and 2 cameras to install.  Looks like I'll be here until Wednesday.  It really is going to get warmer here this week.  Not dry, but warm.  The bottom line is warm wet feet are better than cold wet feet.  The glass is half-full.  So is my IPA.

No, I did not bring a bike.  When I get back to Cache Valley, I'm going for a ride.  Really.

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