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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Flying. Green.

I'm flying home today.  I can't wait for 100 degree days with 85% humidity, fried shrimp, and familiar forests, birds, and spring runs.  Juniper, here I come.  I'm talking about the spring run in the Ocala National Forest, not Jardine.

My last ride was Green Canyon as the sun went down on Friday night.  I've heard folks complain a little about the raging waters.  For me, it's like a whole new trail, now creek side.  I've lived in Logan for 7 years (has it really been that long?) and I've never seen water run out of Green Canyon before.  Yes, there are 22 wet and cold stream crossings if you go all the way up to the upper parking lot and back down.  Pedaling beside the sound of running snow melt is worth falling in now and then, interruption of flow, and constant wet feet.  Well worth it.

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