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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Just A Quick Update

I'm back from Montana.  And, I'm back from southern Utah, checking cameras on I-70 and US 6 for Patty.  Today we are going to Park City.  Drive, drive, drive.  My back is killing me, still about 40% on the Robert Scale (it means I could get 60% better).  The MRI said Degenerative Disc Disease and narrowed nerve channels at L4-L5.  Whatever.  I'm old.  Walking and sleeping are still really painful.  It does not hurt so much to ride the bike, which I have not done much of as of late.  I hope to change that today in Park City.  On Sunday, Patty flies to Seattle.  On Monday, Lupine starts fifth grade, and I will go see a sports medicine doc.  I have to get better fast.  The first Utah Cyclocross race is on October 1, just six weeks away.  When Patty gets back, I'm supposed to pedal to Arizona.  Remember that big ride I have planned, Idaho to Arizona?  Right.

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  1. Sooo sorry bout your back sweet brother.I love you. I have gone to work on my bike ya'll so sweetly gave me 4 times now!!! Bobert I love it! Irene will mess it up today. I love my coffee cup holder!! you are the best Brother in this world!!! Boo.


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