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Saturday, February 18, 2012


Yes, I'm creating a new word.  What I really want to create is a new mindset about bicycles that have versatility and utility.  Versautility.  I've posted rants before about how in just a few decades bicycles have gone from 5 speeds to 11 speeds, and from tested and proven frame design to high-tech high-dollar carbon and full suspension motorcycles without engines with 5 or more inches of travel.  If you want that, and you have the $4,000 to spend, fine.  Good.  I can even sell you a bicycle like that.  It would perform fantasticly.  But, it would have no versautility.  I'd rather not sell a bicycle like that.
I want to sell you this bicycle.  I have all sizes in stock.  It's heavy.  It only has 16 speeds.  It is 100% rigid chromoly steel.  It works great.  It's a 29er mountain bike (really, if you want a mountain bike, this will do a fantastic job, ask my wife, this is the bike she rides).  If you want an indestructible curb crushing, pothole pounding, snow sliding commuter, this is your ticket.  If I put on 700x32 cyclocross tires for you, it's going to feel really fast.  But wait, there's more.  This bicycle has eyelets to mount front and rear racks.  That means it's also a heavy duty touring bicycle, capable of extended back-country off-road adventures.  Does it have disc brakes?  No.  But just take a test ride after I set up the v-brakes.  Give the levers a good squeeze, and you'll go right over the bars.  Really.  You don't need disc brakes if you use this bicycle as described above.  The price, you ask?  You know gas will be back up to $4 per gallon this summer?  What price would you have to pay for all this?  $699.  That's only about a dozen tanks of gas for your car.

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