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Thursday, September 27, 2012

This Week Is Last Week's Next Week

The shop is open this week in the afternoons, usually 1-5.  Come buy and see me.  I'll be putting the double-decker bike rack back up in the front of the store, the same rack that was there two years ago.  It's been at a shop down in SLC.  I'm glad to have it back.  I'm still trying to get ready for cyclocross season:  removing old tubular glue, applying fresh glue and tubbies, and building a tubeless wheelset.  The first race is Saturday.  The shop will be open on Saturday just as soon as I get back from the race, probably around 2.

Speaking of building wheels, here is my post from March 23, 2007 with baiku included:

Building a bicycle wheel is truly therapeutic. It starts with only a hub, a rim, and a big handful of spokes and nipples. The finished product is a work of art. It's also a form of healing, wholeness, strength, and fullness. Round, symmetrical, and rhythmic, it comes full circle. Right two and in, right two and in, left five, over under and in, left five, over under and in. Groups of 4, repeat the pattern, eight more groups of four to go, three-cross, 36 hole, and your done. The circle is complete. Strength in numbers. A hoop under tension.

Weaving spokes, hub, rim
Symmetry, form, and function
An endless circle

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  1. Hey! Have fun on the ride tomorrow! I love you Bobert!


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