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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Angle Of The Sun

Hope starting to fade
Like winter snow in shadows
With Spring's longer days

It's been 23days now, post-injury.  I'm becoming less optimistic about a full and fast recovery.  I'm moving a little better, but I still have unbearable pain in my butt and around to the front of my hip.  Sometimes when I walk I get a very sharp, shocking, stab of pain.  It's almost electrical.  Obviously, I still have bulging disc pushing on a nerve.

The days are getting noticeably longer here in north Utah.  Spring is not far away.  The returning meadowlarks, sparrows, kestrels, and waxwings told me so.  It's good to see them again.

I pedaled for an hour yesterday.  Again, I mostly rode no-hands, just soft pedaling.  I hope to be out of pain and have just a smidgen of base fitness for the Tour de Gainesville on March 27.  Yes, a smidgen of base and absolutely no aerobic capacity.  The last time I rode a TT ride in Gainesville, Jason A. said I was "feeling frisky."  In 16 days, he'll say I'm "looking like a stiff."

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  1. I like the new format! Great pics!
    I love you and looking forward to seeing you soon! lynn


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