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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm Sorry About The Lack Of Content

I have not been able to post much of late.  I've been a single parent for nearly two weeks.

I did ride the River Trail on Monday.  It's snow free most of the way up into Spring Hollow above Third Dam.  The trail is good and my legs are bad.  So are my lungs.

Last Friday, Greg and I did a fixed gear off road ride in dress pants and jeans.  No, I don't own a pair of dress pants.  We hit all the parks on our way up to Quail Hollow and the Water Lab.  Then we rode up the River Trail and came back through "The Tube."  Some day I'll post a picture of the tube.

I'm on my way to Montana this afternoon.  We are taking bicycles and going to Glacier for a day.  So, I'll try to post from the road and include some Montana pictures.

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