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Thursday, April 15, 2010

To All The Nice Drivers In Logan (And The Rest Of The World)

What am I?  Bicyclist?  Pedestrian?  Ignorant?

Thank you for being nice.  Now stop that, and just follow the rules.  If my ass is on the saddle, I am not a pedestrian.  I'm a vehicle with all the rights and responsibilities of the road.  If you see a bicycle rolling through the crosswalk, just honk at them and throw you hands up and yell "WTF?"  What am I talking about?  Here we go: 

  1. If you are are in a turn lane, turning right, and have a green light above your head, and I am in the oncoming left turn lane, please do not stop and wave me through the intersection.  This is really dangerous and really, really stupid.  The drivers to your left traveling through the intersection are not going to stop just because you did.  If you wave me through they are going to hit me.  Would you stop at a green light and wave a car through to turn left in front of you?  No.  And, the guy behind you is really getting upset.
  2. If I am waiting at a 2-way stop sign to cross an intersection, please do not stop and wave me through.  The drivers in the oncoming lane going in the opposite direction are not going to stop.  If you wave me through, they are going to hit me.
  3. That said, if I'm standing on my feet in a crosswalk, holding the bike (not riding it), then by all means, stop.  Good job.  That's the rule.
The solution to this problem is to make it illegal to ride a bike on sidewalks and through crosswalks.  Yeah, it will never happen.  Until then, let's just all follow the rules.  Ride you bike following the same rules you would when driving a car.  Would you drive your car through the crosswalk?  If you are driving a car, treat a person on their bike as if they were driving a car.  Rant over.


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