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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fixed Gear Cyclocross, Today's Race Report

I finished 7th today.  I should have been 6th, but that did not happen.  The course was not fixed gear friendly.  There was a long climb, a long descent, and many off camber pedal-digging turns.  As usual, I started slow, in about 15th.  At the bottom of the first climb riders in front of me all stopped.  By the time I got going, the top 5 guys were already 60 seconds ahead and out of sight.  So, I just tried to ride smooth.  I could see another 5 guys in front of me, and on the second climb, I punched it, and passed all 5 of them.  On the third climb I got two more.  On the last climb I dropped Jeff Ure, who had been right with me for two laps, and the Eric Thompson.  I had my sights on Jordan Swenson, riding a 29er, but he powered away on the back straight away.  I'm disappointed and content, all at the same time.  Just wait until the next race.

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