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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Podium Today!

I saved my best for last at today's final UTCX race.  I bit the bullet.  I let it all fly.  On the first lap I got over my usual mental hurdle and kept up with the top five guys.  They had a gap, but I closed it.  Normally, I let them ride away as I settle into my own controlled pace.  Not today.  On the first climb I went hard and moved up a few spots.  On the second lap I hit the first and second climbs hard again and moved into second place, right in front of Daren C., the series points leader, Dr. Cross, this year's 45+ Utah State Champion, and Tim B.  Tim's brother Steve was off the front.  Then, I went too fast into an off-camber down-hill pavement-to-grass turn, hitting the ground so hard that I lost my breath and all feeling in my left arm.  Daren, the Doctor, and Tim went right around me and had a gap as I remounted and started pedaling.  I chased hard, attacked the hills like a fixed gear freak, battled all three guys (Daren especially) and moved back into second place by the third lap.  For the next three laps, there I stayed.  I saw Steve at one point, moving to within about 20 seconds, but he went hard and held a good gap for the rest of the race.  I finished second, about 25 seconds in front of Tim.

So, my fixed gear cyclocross season is over.  I will probably finish fifth in the points race with only seven races (your best eight races count).  I am pretty happy with my efforts.  On Tuesday, I'm going home.  I'm looking forward to long rides with warm feet and no snow on the ground.  I can't wait to paddle a black water stream, or to sit in some enchanted north Florida forest and listen to the voices of familiar trees.

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