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Monday, December 20, 2010

A Sign

I was cleaning up my computer a little this afternoon, deleting a bunch of files, and came across this:

For a moment or two, I felt a bit of remorse.  Or nostalgia, perhaps.  And then it went away.  Now, I'm going to put it in the trash can and empty the trash can.  Done.  Never again, that's a promise.


  1. Me too, man. (nostalgia). Awesome job #2 podium! What made the difference?

  2. Cody Man! The difference? I've been doing a lot of stair running at Old Main Hill. 10 sets twice last week. Also, the top four guys all went to Nationals in Bend two weeks ago, so perhaps they were not as motivated as usual. And it was cold, wet, and snowy with 2 steep but short climbs. The fixed gear was not a disadvantage.


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