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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Back In Utah

We are back from Florida.  I'm on my couch looking at the colors of the changing leaves outside.  My parking receipt from the Salt Lake City Airport says we were gone for nine days, but it feels like it was only a day or two.  On the plane to Florida, as soon as I sat down the man beside me started sneezing, so I incubated a sore throat and bad cold for most of the trip.  I did two cross races anyway, just for good measure, and did one TT ride with the guys in Gainesville.  For the last two days I've had a nasty cheek-bone-pain sinus infection and have been coughing up bloody gunk from my lungs.  So, no cross race this morning.  But, I'll be back at it next weekend.  I'm not dead yet.  Here are some pictures from the lung destroying cross race on Thursday.  Yes, I was the only guy on a 30 year old 10-speed frame set up fixed gear wearing a t-shirt and sandals.  Yes, I was on the podium.  And, one place in front of me, was some fast dude named Chad Parker, number 146.

And, just to prove I went to Florida:


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