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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Albert, Peeters, and Pauwles

I got back on the bike for a good two hours yesterday.  It was my first ride in three weeks, I think.  The off road sections of my normal cow-pasture-Amalga-gravel-roads-Smithfield-Logan-canal-trail-home loop were all frud (frozen mud).  My toes were numb.  It felt really good to ride.  I'm motivated again.  So motivated, I woke up early this morning to watch the World Championship race live from the sand dunes of Belgium.  Albert is king.  Peeters was paid.  Pauwles was robbed.  That's really brilliant, no?  It's amazing how much I amuse myself.  That's why I have a blog.

In my head, I plan to go for a ride tomorrow.  In reality, the day is already really full:  walk the dogs, get Lupine and TJ up and to school with breakfast in their bellies, lunch in their hands, and their teeth brushed, all by 8, do the dishes and vacuum up the floors, pick up Jaide at 1, pick up Lupine and TJ at 3, take Jaide and TJ to Layton to visit with their mother at 5, pick up Patty from the airport in Salt Lake City at 7:50, drive Jaide to Tremonton, then drive home to Loganistan, get Lupine and TJ to brush their teeth and go to bed, and then walk the dogs.  Plenty of time to ride, no?  11 to 12:30 is wide open.

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  1. I used to be a cyclist. Now I don't have time, so I've become a runner (again). I used to do it, but in my old age (don't laugh dude) I actually have come to enjoy it even more. I've focused on lightweight shoes, toe/midfoot landings (ala "Born to Run", check it out from the library), and just enjoying the effort and being outside. With the different shoes and running style I've gone from 0 running to 5+ miles is less than a month with no pain (a bit of sore calves from landing on my forefoot) and at a reasonable pace. Tie on your running shoes, head out the door, and in 45 minutes you'll have a great workout.

    Take care of yourself brother and I hope to see you soon.


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