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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lupine Cramer On The Podium

Lupine Cramer, racing for Robert Hamlin Bicycles, came out of her self imposed short term retirement to race once again at a Utah Cyclocross race in Salt Lake City last Sunday.  Cramer, spinning a 36x22 on her Pake C'Mute singlespeed, easily finished in second place.  For three laps she reamained about 10 seconds behind the winner, often reminding her father in a fiery tone, each time he told her to go faster and move into first place, "no, Dad, I don't want to do that."  OK.  Pushy father.  Pushy, pushy.

Robert Hamlin, on the other hand, quit on Sunday after starting his third lap because he was a quitter, going backwards the entire race, after he said he was going to go to the front of the race.  Right.  Perhaps he has lost his competitive fire, only standing on the podium twice this year after nine races (last year he was on the podium eight times in ten races).  Quitter.

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  1. That sounds like classic Lupine. She probably would have passed him if you were to offer her a new hydration pack if she passed the boy in first place. Go LUPINE! You rock!


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