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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Not My Best

I had a rough outing at the cyclocross race in Ogden today.  I started slow, in 13th position.  On the third lap I moved up four or five spots, a little closer to the fast guys, but then started to drift back.  My power(s) failed me.  Especially on a long section of thick wet grass.  I finished right where I started, my worst result in a cross race since 2007.  I'm getting sick, and had a low grade fever, but I pushed as hard as I could.  Tomorrow I will try again, sick or not.  I'll be on the singlespeed.  The geared bike I rode today is dead.  There is a crack running nearly half way around the seat tube at the bottom bracket shell.


  1. Hey! I hope you are feelin better today! Be safe n ride fast!!I love you Bobert!!!

  2. I was better today. Thank you for the encouragement.


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