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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Daddy Daughter Race Day

We went to a cyclocross race yesterday at This Is The Place Heritage Park.  This sign was right at the start finish.  It is typical of Utah.  The only place in Utah where I've seen a lot of dogs and dog lovers is Park City.  Why?  I have no idea.  But, it is quite true that Mormons do not seem to like bicycles, dogs, smoking, and drinking, not necessarily in that order.  It's a control thing.  People that have rules imposed upon them seem to impose rules upon others.  It all flows downhill.

It was a small race, early in the season, and everyone was out just to have some fun.  Lupine raced against three other kids.  She finished third overall, and of course, being the only girl, first in her class.

Lupine Cramer wins gold!

The tall boy rode away from the others.  The real race was the three 9 year-olds all on the same bikes, Redline Conquest 24s.  The three stayed together for both laps.  At the end Lupine was right behind the red-haired boy.  He was out of breath at the finish and Lupine was talking and smiling.  She said she didn't want to beat two boys.  The boy on the right was not happy at all.

How did Lupine's Dad do?  Not bad.  Second place in the single speed race (there were only three of us) and second place in Masters 45+ (there were seven starters).  In the single speed race I dropped my chain two times.  Never change your wheelset the night before.  I put on a new chain and rode faster in the second race, just out of first place.

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