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Thursday, September 23, 2010

From Matt's New Blog

Yes, Matt Chester has a blog again.  That's a good thing.  If you really want to learn about the history of flared drop bar bicycles, modern flared drop bar bicycle design, meaningful bike fit, quiet meditation, or listen to good music, you may want to read it.  He has a ton more knowledge about these subjects than I do, and he writes very well.  Why should I write about it if someone else has already said it.  He put in a link to this video, and it just says so much about why I like to ride a fixed gear cyclocross bike with strange looking handlebars.  Comfort, control, power, simplicity, etc.  It also shows a lot about how cyclocross looked in 1925.  Longer races, serious run-ups, and "no-trail" sections.  I would love to put on a race like this someday.  I wonder how many people would show up?

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