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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fast Guys

Those fast guys, the ones that were not supposed to show up on a Sunday, well, they all did.  And then this guy shows up and wins the race.  Are Cat. 1 riders really allowed to show up and race?  So much for the podium.  I did not do bad, just not really fast enough to see the podium.  It was tough on the fixed gear with several steep climbs and a really long back straight.  I made an attack from the back of the chase group I was in with two laps to go, and moved into fifth.  Too soon.  Dr. Cross and "The Claw" came back around me on the straight away.  The fixed gear curse.  I went back around "The Claw" and finished a strong 6th, almost moving back up to the Dr. at the finish.

After three races, the announcers finally realized I race on a fixed gear cross bike.  They went nuts.  I heard one of them say, "I've heard of people racing cross on a fixed gear but I've never seen it my whole life until today."  So, now I'm pretty famous, I guess.  I tried to put on a good show going over the barriers.  My fixed gear dismount at full speed looks like a primitive human catapult.  A good show indeed.

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