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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Race Day

It was tough day, my first utcx race of the season.  I got to the line a little late and started near the back of 25 riders in the 45+ race.  I lost nearly a minute on the first lap but started moving up steadily after the bottlenecks cleared out.  The straightaway on the back side of the course was on a horse race-track, smooth packed dirt for over a half-mile.  Riding the fixed gear, I lost some time there each lap.  I made up ground in the infield, putting on a fixed gear dismount and barrier clinic, passing 4 riders on the last lap.  I finished 7th.  Not good.  Not bad.  There were two riders in front of me who had never beaten me this season until today.  The first four are still much faster than me.  Next time, I'll get 5th.


  1. Maybe those 2 guys beat you because you weren't riding your geared bike. Did Lupine or Patty race?

  2. Yeah, but I beat them both riding the fixed gear bike. Twice actually.

    No, they did not want to go. I think Patty and Lupine are crossed out, so to speak. My fantasy of family cross races is still just that. Perhaps when we get back from Denver.


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