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Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Leaning Tree

Have you ever observed a leaning tree over a long period of time?  You just know as you watch the rains fall and the winds blow that some day the tree's going to lean past the tipping point and fall to a premature death.  I'm starting to lean.  I may even have reached my tipping point.

I've changed the main picture below the title on this blog.  Today I'm going to take off the 46x20 cyclocross racing gear on my bike and put on a 44x22.  Then I'll remove the tubular wheel set and put on my old WTB Mutanoraptor 700x44 tires that I've had for years (they have not been on the bike since my White Rim in a day ride back in November 2008).  Then, I'm going up.  Way up.  Way back.  Way long.  I'm going to ride to the hike.  When the hike is done I'll ride home from the hike.  Then I'll see if I feel like putting the cross racing gear and wheels back on the bike.

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  1. Just crusin sounds good to me! Why do ya beat your self up w/the racin?? Give your back some time to heal sweet bubba! I love you!Boo.


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