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Friday, November 4, 2011

Hard Headed

I'm headed for Heber early in the morning.  There should be some snow on the ground and some snow falling at race time, according to the forecast.  It's going to be cold, below freezing with a stiff northwest wind.  So, the fixed cog is back on the bike.  The lock ring is tight.  I hope the forecast holds.  On snow and frozen ground, the fixed gear is not a real disadvantage.  For the first four races, I must confess, the freewheel was an advantage over the fixed cog.  It gave me a chance to coast and rest a little.  Dismounts were a little easier too.  Last Sunday I rode the geared bike for the first time.  Yes, I'll confess again.  It was faster.  I didn't say better, I just said faster.  Back to being hard headed.

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