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Sunday, November 20, 2011

UTCX # 10 Wheeler Farm

I am not going to give a race report.  I'm not going to put up a picture of the standings.  If you really need to know you can look it up on the UTCX website.  Sorry no hyperlink.  I just can't keep worrying about the points standings and the final outcome.  I just have to win the next two races and it will be all good.  When it's all said and done, I will blog about it.  Here is a great video.  I'm at :58, 1:26, 1:57, 2:17, 2:35, and 4:20.  Yeah, that's me at 2:17 making the crazy high side pass around Mr. Cottle "The Throttle" and at 4:20 drifting through a turn.  Slick.


  1. If I read right, Cottle didn't even finish. The point standings aren't up, but the results are and I didn't see him listed. If he really dnf'd you should be golden.

    Nice win in nasty conditions.

  2. Jimbo, Darren is smart, like you. He kept slipping because his rear tire was going flat. After I passed him he did a bike change and never got back up front. So, he dnfed himself on purpose to keep me from getting an extra point (the number of finishers is added to your place points for the total). He only needs 8 races and points are so close it is better to loose a drop than give me another point. As for the math, I am giving up. There are just too many possibilities. You can't assume both of us will always be fighting for the win. So, like I said, I'm only going to focus on doing well in the last two races. If it is cold, wet, frozen, and slick, I will do well.

    Lynn, thank you for the support! I love you.


  3. The idea that the points you get are based only on finishers, not starters is stupid. X people raced, so you should get points based on those X people.

    Looks like you had a nice Thanksgiving.


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