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Saturday, November 12, 2011


I spent all last week working on motivation.  I trained consistently, doing steps and hill repeats.  I made positive predictions.  I told myself over and over and over that I would ride well.  I showed up this morning at the race in Ogden and rode the course and got in a decent warm up even though it was cold and raining.  I stayed near the front for three laps.  On the fourth lap I made it to the top of a really long hard climb off the front by a few seconds.  I had a bobble after that, but held a gap for my third first place finish of the year.  This one was special.  I rode well and Darren Cottle was in the race.  It was the first time finishing in front of him since December of last year.  I even got a trophy.  I now own a cow bell that says I'm the 45+ King of Mount Ogden!  It's good to be King...of your own little world.


  1. Proud of you bubba!!! You rock!!Boo.

  2. Thank you! I'm gonna call you today. After church?



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