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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Crazy Updade

Or, should I say an update because I'm crazy?  No, we are not in Florida, we're still in Utah.  Like I posted before, life is what happens when you are making other plans.  The new plan?  This week we became foster parents.  Jaide and Trent, 9 and 13, moved in yesterday after a whirlwind week of preparation and many trips to Ogden/Layton.

Why are we doing this?  It's pretty simple.  We have enough food, house, things, experience, knowledge, and love to share.  We all talk about charitable giving, making the world a better place, and doing for others.  This is something completely different.  It's something we just feel a need to do.

Crazy?  Yes.  The short list of things to get/do:  build closets, build a wall, chest 'o drawers, fix the seat belt in the car, organize the upstairs, go to the grocery store (again), do the dishes (again), and get more laundry baskets.  And yes, ride my bike.  And yes, go to Florida for a short trip.

I will fly to Jacksonville on January 5th and return to Loganistan on January 17th.  Lupine should be flying with me (she may change her mind).  I still plan on doing the Florida Championship cross races and the Tour de Felasco.  I'll do these rides for fun.  I have to, now that I've already gained 8 pounds since my last race on December 17.  I really like potato chips.  And pizza.  And sausage.  And...

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