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Saturday, December 3, 2011

UTCX #11 45+ Results

I did not ride bad.  Actually, I rode pretty good.  The Throttle, on the other hand, put a little more than 20 seconds on me every lap.  That's 20 seconds every lap!  Darren was super fast today and I was not even close to being able to keep up with him.  It was the man against the boys today.  He is the Utah 45+ champ.  I got the second place medal.  He is now 11 points ahead overall with one race to go, and that last race is double points.  But, even if I finish one place in front of him, he will still win overall by two points (he will drop a 64 and I will drop a 67).  So, I'll have to finish two places in front of him to take the series.  Yeah, right.  If the course at Wheeler Farm is fast and dry like Fort Buenaventura was today, I won't even be close to the man.  On a dry fast course, I am just another racer.  Pray for mud.  Deep mud.  Really deep slick mud.  And pray that he falls down three or four times.  Or five or six, if you want to pray really hard.  Hey, it works for Tim Tebow.  Realistically, I'll be riding for second overall in the last race, and I'll be riding for the fun of it.  The pressure is off now.  I know my place.


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