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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Things Going On

Where do I start?  It was a long day in the shop.  Caroline has a new road bike.  Annora has a new cross bike.  I rode for 4.5 hours this morning from town up Jardine, up Cowley, and back home.  I did Tabata intervals last night; I could only do 2 sets.  Tabata is Japanese for puke.  I did 6 hot laps at the fairgrounds on Thursday and went to Porqupine with Tim S. via Paradise on Wednesday.  It's always good to go through Paradise.  On Tuesday I did short hill repeats.  I may just be ready for cross season.  Here is the UTCX schedule, first race is September 29:

Before UTCX there is race in Montpeiller, ID that I am looking forward to, 90 miles of dirt road.

And last but not least, here is Greg's new 29er:


  1. I love the green n blue!!Love you Bobert!!

  2. Pure accident. The Brenden gave The Greg that silly blue fork. Paint stripper.


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