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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Snow

I think I may take up snowboarding.  Dude.  We have another fresh dump on the ground this morning, at least a half-foot.  I may just give up bicycling all together.  I remember the day in the winter of 1991, my training partner Dave Parker asked "Why do we do this?  We could just buy a cheap pair of running shoes.  You put them on and go.  No expensive parts and constant dicking around."  I think we were in the middle of winter bicycle maintenance because it had been cold and wet, and all of our recent rides had involved booties and gloves.  If I'd only known then I would someday be living in the Intermountain West, where warm weather riding begins in late May.  What would Dave have thought if he could have seen my future, full of winter gloves, thick neoprene socks, shoes one size too big to fit the thick neoprene socks, polypro tights and shirts, balaclavas (none for me thanks, I'm allergic to nuts), wool socks, wool shirts, polypro socks, chemical hand and toe warmers, and two or three different jackets for every condition of cold?

Well.  I could just get rid of all that stuff.  Just like the basketball shoes.  But, the sun is out.  I could go for a cold-wet ride.  With my booties on.

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