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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Robert Rides: Idaho To Arizona (Preston to Page) Updated 8-9-11

Update, August 24:  There is a small opening in life's window for an August 30th departure.  I'll have to make Arizona by Sunday September 4th.  That's 600+ miles in only 6 days.  Fast and light.  Fast and light.

Somehow, I'm not really sure, I received a free subscription to Outside Magazine.  In the April issue there is an article about the "Adventures of the Year," incredible stories about incredible athletes doing some amazing things.  For example:  Jessica Watson, 17, sailed solo around the world.  Alexander Martin canoed west to east from Portland to Portland.  Andrew Skurka circumnavigated Alaska for 176 days.  Ed Stafford walked the entire descent of the Amazon River, and it took him only 860 days.  These adventures were huge.  They were all expensive, and they all required a huge amount of carbon-fueled travel and logistics to make them happen.  Some of them supported good causes.  All of them were selfish.

I'm planning an adventure of my own. I have always wanted to do the Tour Divide from Canada to Mexico.  That just can't happen.  It would take too much time away from family and too much money.  It's too selfish.  Maybe when I'm 55 I will give it a go, in the summer of 2020.  Yeah, that's a ways off.  So, this June (update:  because of heavy snowpack at high elevations, it may be September), I'm going to pedal from Idaho to Arizona, Preston to Page, the hard way.  I will leave from my door here in Logan.  I will avoid paved roads as much as possible.  It will be about 700 miles and 70,000 feet of climbing along the north-south spine of mountains.  It should take about 10 days.

Yes, it's selfish.  Yes, it will support a good cause.  I will collect donations and the proceeds will be sent to the League of American Bicyclists.  Do you want me to define proceeds?  I'm going to keep enough to cover my expenses, probably about $500, and the rest will go to support bicycle advocacy.  My purpose is to demonstrate the utility of the bicycle for transportation.  Yes, there is a catch.  If I can pedal 700 miles fixed gear off-road in the mountains in 10 days, I know anyone reading this can ride a bicycle to work or the store.  So, for every dollar you donate, you must make a trip by bicycle that you would normally make in your car.  A ten dollar donation would mean 10 bicycle trips to work.  Too unsure about riding your bicycle?  Don't feel comfortable on the road with cars?  Then, instead of bicycle trips you can take one of these classes.

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  1. Hi Robert, I found this, is a crazy idea better than continental divide race. this trail still rideable.


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