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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Real Sardine Canyon

I finally pedaled up the real Sardine Canyon yesterday.  Yes, it's on private property.  The sign on the gate says "...with permission only."  There were two men parked near the gate so I asked permission.  I said, "Hey, are you the landowners?"  They shook their heads no.  "Can I have permission to pedal up the road, I'm not going to get shot am I?"  They didn't really say no, so up I went.  Near the top there's still a good amount of asphalt from the old road, with countless cracks full of weeds and grass.  When you get to the end there is a deer fence and a cliff.  Don't go over or try to go down to 89, it's certain death.  At the high point of the road several hundred yards before the fence, head up the hill across the ridge line to Mt. Pisgah Road and then head back down to complete the loop.

View Sardine-Pisgah-Baxter Hollow in a larger map

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