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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Robert Rides Logan To North Ogden Via South Canyon

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I had a great adventure this morning.  I was prepared for post-holing at the top of South Canyon, but there was no snow.  However, the lower slopes were a quagmire, in the pre-1969 original sense of the word.  About halfway up I hit gumbo.  No, not the thick stew of shellfish and okra, rather the shrink-swell clay soils I know so well from back in Florida.  After five or six pedal strokes through the gumbo there was three inches of clay around each tire.  The front wheel stopped turning and I nearly went OTBs.  So, with 20 pounds of clay on the bike I started walking.  Within a few steps there was 10 pounds of clay on my shoes.  I took off my socks and into the creek I went.  I started by just trying to get the wheels wet.  It worked pretty well.  Perhaps I got a little over exuberant because at one point the whole bike was underwater:  headset, hubs, bottom bracket, and...and the water bottles.  Creek water in your water bottles does not taste bad at all when you are really thirsty.  Next time, the socks and the bottles come off.  "Strong like bull, smart like tractor."  As the road got steeper the mud and clay disappeared, replaced by river rock, waterfalls, and, well, the creek itself.  No big deal.  The sandals without socks worked just fine for the many crossings.  And, I finally got all the clay off my feet.  Once I got over the top and down to Liberty the paved route got real steep.  I've never been over the North Ogden Pass before.  It was not easy on the 48x22.  Coming down the other side I passed two cars at 40 mph while coasting with my feet back on the hub nuts and my crank arms flailing at 190 rpm.  I wonder what would happen if I ever dig a pedal doing that.  I went past the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.  I had wanted to take it all the way to Ogden, but Patty was there at the bottom of the hill to pick me up.  Next time.  The total ride time was 3.5 hours.  I was off the bike for about a half hour so next time I know I can make it to the Shoreline Trail in 3 hours.

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  1. Sounds fun, nuts in a good way. Glad you look like you're having enough fun for both of us.


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