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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back On Track

I went for a good ride today.  It made me feel much better about everything.  Renewed, even.  I got back on the fixed gear cyclocross bike.  It really is my favorite bike and my favorite style of riding: trails, gravel, pavement, railroad tracks, pasture, badgers, orioles, ibis, cinnamon teal, and avocet, etc.  It's never dull when you can ride it all and see it all.  I took the canal to Smithfield and then took the gravel roads along the east side of Amalga back to Darrell's and the sewage treatment ponds, over a few fences and through a big cow pasture, around Gossner's, and home.  The things people do to avoid Airport Road.  I may avoid all road rides for a while, particularly the Tuesday Hyde Park ride.  The whole point of that ride for me is proving to myself that I can stay at the front and not get gapped or dropped.  What is the point of that?

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